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  1. Medical Interpreter

    ive been trying to look in hospitals. don't really know how to go forth with that here in Texas whether there are agencies or what you need to do some freelance work
  2. Medical Interpreter

    that's great! the course I took was for both court and medical interpreting. Since in SoCal there is a high demand for bilingual people in the court system so the school I went to threw both courses together. it was a bit more challenging but worth it in the end. I have been trying to find a gig like that here in Texas but haven't had any luck.
  3. Just Got Approved For Renewal!

    I got approved on the 17th, didn't call and I was already getting ready to engage my representative from congress
  4. Medical Interpreter

    my uncle was doing this in California and from what he said its really good money. I went to the training school that he went to and completed the course. I was supposed to work with him on the down low and get paid cash but since he had a firm, one of his partners didn't approve. So yeah, this is a good move to make decent money without having to go to school a lot.
  5. Just Got Approved For Renewal!

    congrats. this has been one of the fastest approvals I have read about. I sent mine Jan 9th and I haven't heard anything since my bios on 2/28.
  6. Is Anyone Familiar Or Has Tried The Infopass Option?

    I just hope the members of congress here in Texas will actually try to help and not be on the side of that judge.
  7. Is Anyone Familiar Or Has Tried The Infopass Option?

    I see, and here I was thinking that the INFOPASS would be a viable option for extensions. I will just reach out to the congressman/woman of my district. Thanks for sharing your experience!
  8. I have been doing a bunch of research on how to try and get an extension since I am reading about all the cases about permits expiring and not being able to get any answers from the people at the USCIS. So I reached out to the person that filled my original DACA application and I explained the situation. He told me that if and when your case has been pending for more than 90 days, you can fill out the request for an INFOPASS that you find on the USCIS site. There, you fill out your information and they set up an appointment to the nearest USCIS center according to your zip code. Once you set up an appointment, he said you need to take your social, id, EAD, copy or original check stub or money order you sent and the paper they stamp from your biometrics. He said also a letter from your employer signed by the highest up you can find also helps. He said that setting this appointment up and asking for an extension actually works, he has done it for a few of his customers. I am not at 90 days yet but will be soon. Has anyone on here tried this yet? Will it actually work? Please share your experience if you have.
  9. Drivers License

    ah, ok. well hopefully they do the same here in Texas if I get approved. it would be nice to have a DL for longer than 2 years.
  10. Coming Out Of The Shadows!

    wish I was still in Cali so I can attend this..
  11. Community College Questions????

    ah, I see. how much is the tuition in Texas? I am waiting for my year to be up so I wont have to pay the out of state tuition fee since I just came from SoCal. Hopefully I can finish here.
  12. Drivers License

    wow, you got your second license for 6 years! are you in California? Just asking since they were the latest state to grant DL's to undocumented people. Maybe that's why you got it for 6 years. Anyways, congrats!
  13. Community College Questions????

    what is tafsa? are you sure you are not confusing it with fafsa? I know for a fact we cant apply for fafsa only the fee waiver where they cover your tuition only. but yeah, check with the school.
  14. I Have A Question!

    you are lucky that your union is going to battle for you. I just moved to Texas from California and what helped my initial permit, or at least I think it did, was that I contacted Loretta Sanchez since she is in charge of the area where I used to live which was Anaheim, and she sent a letter to the service center for me and I got approved a few days later. Im curious of where you work. I lived in California all my life, graduated college and was not able to get a good job after I got approved. Good for you tho.
  15. What Exactly Do You Need To Send For The Renewal...

    well... so far I guess its going ok. Had my biometrics appointment on Feb. 19th. so hopefully no further evidence will be needed.