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  1. What documents(DACA) do I need to travel by plane within the USA?

  2. Got approved May 7th & did't know until yesterday that I got my approval letters in the mail!! =) it will come when u least expect it =))

  3. California?

    me ='< application received Sept 24th, bios Oct 24 still IR
  4. September Cases

    I hope we r next!
  5. September Applications

    same here =( applied Sept 24 and bios Oct 24, my center Laguna Niguel and still in IR =(
  6. My sister just got approved 2day =) she got the txts at 6pm.. Me.. still waiting ='/

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    2. JEFF


      keep calm, its coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. analee02


      thanx guys!

    4. latinagirl


      congratulation to your sister you should be next!

  7. How Long Have You Been Waiting

    6 months - 9 days ='/ Laguna Niguel Ca center. Still in IR
  8. What's Everyones Status From Southern California?

    Initial review Laguna Niguel Ca ='(
  9. Come on Calif...=0

    1. msminci


      Idk why California is taking forever!

    2. sanchez05


      Se estan tardandoo musho! :( que trabajen que trabajen.... y nos aprueben prontoo!!! :D

      jajajaja ;)

  10. =o un dia de la semana mas de espera y suspenso =(
  11. Applications sent 9/23/12 USCIS Received it 9/24/12 Laguna Niguel CA Received Recipts 9/26/12 Biometrics appt 10/24/12 - walk-in (appt was 10/26/12) call Customer Service 1/28/12 to check on my case received a letter with my ticket # for the complain 2/5/13 waiting for response since then
  12. Walk-Ins To Biometrics

    In Riverside Ca they'll let u take your biometrics w/o appointment. I went 2 days b4 my date.
  13. Welcome Ana! :)

    1. analee02


      gracias Sanchez05.. me uno a ustedes en espera de mi permit.. es desesperante la espera ke ya no ayo de donde sacar paciencia LOL

    2. sanchez05


      Aww todavia somos muchos en espera! :( pero como dices paciencia! y puro positive thinking !:)

  14. Welcome to the forums analee02 :)