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  1. Denied...what To Do Next?

    Wow sorry to hear about your denial, hopefully you get help on your case, maybe even a lawyer who can also help you submit your case and next time around you can be approved. Best of luck to you and I hope you finally get what you've been waiting for. Good luck to you and your family.
  2. I Think I Got Approved!!

  3. Still No Job..:/

  4. Hello! I Wish I Had Done This Sooner!

    Good luck!!! And welcome!
  5. Discrimination At Its Finest

    Did you inform them that your documentation was new? There is no reason why they would not want to hire you. Im so sorry this is happening to you.
  6. Really?!

    ouch!!! sorry to hear that... hopefully they'll hurry and approve y'all soon!
  7. After Daca Jobs Please Help!

    did you inform them that your social was new? and ask if they need you to verify your identity with that does background.checks. ive heard of people having to fax their work permit card to that performs background checks.
  8. Yay!

    awesome! congrats!
  9. Hi, My Name Is Luz Elizondo

    Have you got thru all the steps as far as filing an e-request to inquire about your case, trying your local congressman, contacting USCIS directly by email?
  10. Opening A Bank Account

    Yeah I third the motion of Wells Fargo..they suck!!! I'm going to give Bank of America a try, and I'll look into Chase as well. Thanks for the tip Jose.
  11. Are There Any Restrictions On Where We Can Work With Daca

    I think some state jobs don't require citizenship. Some of the jobs I found that needed citizenship were IRS,USPS,TDPS. The ones for the health and human resources did not specify that they needed citizenship so I think you should be good. Still I would ask just to make sure. Good luck!
  12. Still No Job..:/

    Cover letters also help. Having been out of a job for 3 years I figured employers would just overlook my resume but I always included a personalized cover letter explaining that due to me adjusting my legal presence in this country I had been out of the job and just sell yourself. Take some courses on excel, word, powerpoint. Fast typing is always a plus.
  13. Finally On The Road!!

    Awesome!! Congrats!!!
  14. Driving License With Just The Work Permit???

    In TX you needed the EAD and social
  15. I did and included two references, have been offered a job already so i dont think it.should be a problem as long as they can verify with your references the time you werr employed and what good things they can say about you.