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  1. Items Submitted

    I have rent contracts but it shows the ssn I use. You think it's a good thing to submit stuff that show the ssn number I use ?
  2. Items Submitted

    To everyone that applied, what kind of evidence did you guys submit. I'm preparing my self to gather as much as I can so I can get approved. Thanks
  3. Credit Card Help

    They will deny you since your new ssn doesn't have any recent credit. You are better off applying for the credit card that ask for a down payment. They can start you at 200 too 500 and if you make every monthly payment and finish your balance they can grand you a normal credit card.
  4. Is Dream Act Still Going On ?

    Thanks. Did you submit a lot of evidence ?
  5. Do you guys know if I'm still able to apply for deferred action ? I wasn't able to apply when it first came out. But now I'm ready.
  6. If Denied ...

    oh damn really... Ummm Now im not sure if I should apply
  7. If Denied ...

    DO you get your money back if you get denied ? For those that had applied and gotten denied
  8. Rfe Help

    Tell your aunt to make Rent Receipts For the all Months you have been paying her for the rent and send those. along with other Evidence that you may have.
  9. Immigration Deal.

    not for deferred action. I am talking about this immigration reform that is being talked about.
  10. Best Credit Cards To Apply For After Daca

    I bet Capital One has Seen a High Increase of Approvals . Big money for them. Use them wisely People. There are so many ways to get credit besides the credit cards. I don't have a SSN and ive had credit cards . Car Loans, And Approvals on Furniture Places. On Secured Credit cards if you manage to Pay everything and they see you maintain your payments up to date every month they will approve you for a Regular credit card.
  11. Immigration Deal.

    i better hurry and apply for deferred action then. Have they released any info on the Requirements ?
  12. Immigration Deal.

    is there going to be any kind of immigration reform for the people that have already been in the U.S for years to get the chance to become Resident or even Citizens ? They need to Focus on the people that been Here in the U.S first
  13. Immigration Deal.

    so what this bill is pretty much is a work visa to get better jobs for everyone. And what does the Following Mean "The workers could move from employer to employer and would be able to petition for permanent residency after a year, and ultimately seek U.S. citizenship. Neither is possible for temporary workers now." So what their saying is that it is not possible anymore to apply for Permanent residency or even become U.S Citizenship if you go into This ????
  14. Rfe Service Request

    that doesn't matter he cannot give you a ticket cuz he didn't pull u over or wasn't there. I Experienced that already. A cop told me him self That he could not issue a ticket since he wasn't there and that was the law so idk if its different from where you are.