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  1. Denial Of Licenses For Dreamers. !!

    I feel bad for you : / your neighbors to the north do allow it though.
  2. Life After Daca...

    Haha!! Nothing fills my day more than people who waste their time to: 1) Make an account 2) Talk crap 3) Be jealous This photo is of a year ago... although I don't have a pack yet, my body is pretty well built. That's all they wanted from me. By the way, model is the name for the people who work at the cash register, fold the clothes around the store and stand in front of the store to meet and greet. Then we have the "model-models" with their good looking faces, well maintained bodies, and etc... those are the one who have their shirts off at the front of the store. I don't believe you've worked for them. They are looking for diversity. Seening how you are reacting to a post I've made, taking your time to insult me, and I believe the "gay,homo,fag" is for me, they wouldn't accept you. I could be average, I could be ugly, handsome, hideous. Beauty is on the eye of the beholder.
  3. Approved But No Work Permit?

    To clarify if it's not been already; The first document that they have to approve before taking any other step is the I-821D. That is the one that makes you "Illigaly-Iegal". After that paper is either approved or denied, they work on the I-765, the working permit. Which is then denied if you were denied for the 1-821D and investigated if you were accepted. In many cases, both the I-821D and 1-765, were accepted and card production began together. In some cases, the I-765 wasn't. There is a 90-day grace period that you must wait before making any complaints. I received all my documents and I couldn't be happier. I am not going to lie, many wouldn't like to be in your position because they are so hesitant, but also many would trade spots with you at any moment because their applications were denied. Patience is all you need and everything has its time.
  4. Are My Parents The Only Ones?

    Honestly, One doesn't choose who he is attracted to. You shouldn't be denying yourself out of a relationship because your partner is Illegal. Nor should you date one out of anger towards your parents or even date a legal citizen to "make them proud". Out of the few relationships I've had none were with illegals but not because I chose, but because the connection was there. If being legal is more important than finding the "one" for the rest of your life...
  5. Hey guys! Would just like to put forth some of the "happenings" after being approved. Now, It's been roughly a month since I received the text. I have my State ID, SSN, Permit, and EAD. Incredibly, two days before being accepted, I was asked by one of the models at Abercrombie to work there because "I had the look". This model turned out to be the store manager (models are the people who meet & greet). I was reluctant to the request of course, but she could tell I was really intrigued by the offer. She gave me the card with her name, the website and the store password for my application as well as adding the interview days and hours. Long-story-short, I received my text, my EAD letter arrived and I ran to the SSA officer. The next day I asked for a print out of my SSN #. I filled the online application and nailed my FIRST group interview. I was invited to become a model, when I thought I would be part of "impact" (Impact folds clothes in back & don't have a strict look). Words cannot describe the awesomeness that it is working part-time there. I have my job at Citizens Bank at Downtown Crossing in Boston underway, and I will begin in a month (one of the bank tellers is moving to another center). While I "begin" in a month, I do have my training next week. If I can ever tell you something to help you progress, and not degress, is to NOT work at retail stores (i.e. A&F, American Eagle, Macys...etc.) or restaturants (i.e. McDonald's, Dunkin' Donuts, White Castle...etc.). I have only been working at A&F because of my teenage delusion. The only reason you should ever apply to a restaurant is to either become a waiter (if the restaurant is busy for the tips! don't buy into the host/hostess) or if you have a background in culinary and can be a chef. Otherwise, do not bother! A sales associate, a dishwasher or even the person who folds clothes in the back do have descent jobs. It's a both descent and respectable job. But, if you would like to add great references to your resume, hit up the first bank possible! Do not settle for retail stores! I only work at A&F because it's both part-time and temporary while I wait for the bigger job opportunity. Also, at A&F, I work during weekends. Although the paycheck is low every week, your co-workers are awesome. It's been a great way to meet other people! Also, to clear any confusion, they could give me more hours, people call out all the time, but since I do not have my DL, I a, not available 100% of time, especially now that Harvard opens the 27th, but people come in the 20th (Lat sunday free of responsibilities ;c) I have my own car though! I bought a 2003 Ford focus Black exterior color and charcoal on the interior. I love it!
  6. i-765ws--need help.

    Just like psw. Keep it short and simple. Just state that you cannot help with any payments because you do not work and that you want to help.
  7. i-765ws--need help.

    Hi Florida! I wrote that "I have no assets. I do not have any form of income to help with any of the bills that come to my household. The only way I get any more is from my mother and father and I only use it with (etc...). My mother and father pay for my rent and food.
  8. Who has a job now after DACA?

    That's why I can't take most posters seriously... you just have nothing relevant to add to posts while I add constructive criticism... I fear that you may never have any good points to retaliate ; /
  9. Who has a job now after DACA?

    When you referred to my being as "kid", that just made your post seem as irrelevant as Tony609's. Yes, I called him a "piece of shit", that's coming from me and I don't swear that often. I do not care if my writting impresses people, I would just like that they'd write it in the same format as mine. Include reasons why you think it was innappropriate, including quotes, the reasoning why to even begin the argument, so on and so forth. It was most obvious you were writting about me, since I was the one to begin the arguement and present all the reasons why poster, Tony609, is an incredibly arrogant being. No. People talk about what they want, in the right places. Keep your absurd beliefs to yourselves if they offend someone. What if we talked about abortions on a thread about illegal immigrants... would that be appropriate? Don't think so. Insulting him? No. I only insulted said poster after another ignorant reply. Being respectful, ok... this thread I was completely giving constructive posts. On the other thread I derailed into my insidious side once or thrice. Just because I am an educated person, that means I can't "get ghetto" once in a while? Who is to say I can't write something in a way that comes out disrespectful just because I am "educated"? No I don't have problems. I believe you are mistaking me for the person your defending, Tony609. Wait...weren't you the one who said I was able to write whatever I pleased a few posts ago... have I changed your mind?
  10. Who has a job now after DACA?

    No, Aled, he is not being attacked. He's being retaliated. There is a big difference between being attacked (...because of his opinions) and retaliated (...for his criticism and unnecessary comments). I have yet to see any relevant posts from him. After having read the post about his opinion on LBG, I was just pissed. Although there are laws, that we should respect, that allow him to type whatever he wishes, it is still inappropriate to type about certain controversial topics (i.e. Anything ranging from Gay rights to Abortions, etc...). Also, I also have the same right as he does, the right to state what I'd like. "Why. Not learn about each others way of thinking by asking questions and debating." -Because of his arrogant and ignorant responses in previous posts. If he is not willing to post "nicely"...what makes you think others will? "That's whatthese forums and things should be about, if not how can we express what we think if people are suddenly going to attack you or go against you by taking sides." -First, he posted something that wasnt required. He even went on, talking about unecessary topics. This thread wasn't aimed towards whinning about the system, when in reality, dreamer2008 only wanted to ask for experiences. Tony609 has repeated his attitude and displayed his ignorance in other threads, alike the one I continue to cite (LGB & "Adopting"). Second, if he wants a reply to his posts, a reply that is in good light, than he should watch out for the word and tone he uses in posts. No one will give you a good answer is you say "I'm so against about gay couples being able to adopt kids to rise a family !! That's not normal !!!! Not right at all !" because all that quote is asking for is some harsh criticism. The poster, Tony609, needs to keep his beliefs to himself. If he so wishes to receive responses, in the future, towards questions, chat about life, or even debating a topic, he needs to watch his tone and choice of words. Peace out, I think I just owned all of you EDIT#1: If we are going to be criticized for responding honestly to horrible writting, autrocious thoughts and incredibly stupid posts I expect a response post up to par on the quality of this post. I am not even trying on this one if you plan on trying.
  11. Who has a job now after DACA?

    Actually... you shouldn't be having a "job" since you are illegal. If you work, you must pay taxes. I swear there is something wrong with you, but I cant be rude in these forums. You pay taxes for security & such. I am sure Mexico, Guatemala or Dominican Republic is very violent, the possibility of jobs in these countries is minimal and life, in those places, is not easy. Here, in the U.S., people pay taxes for the police, the fire department, the schools, and so many more institutions. He is BRILLIANT for letting us work. We feed off of the taxes of the citizens and residents. For all those years you have been living here, working without paying taxes, and so many other aspects of your life, someone else had to. Your kids, if you have any, were being paid by your neighbors to go to school. We're here illegally. Why would they let us immigrate to another country and return **ILLEGALLY**. Advance Parole is a nice piece of paper because it allows those, us who came here without a choice, to immigrate somewhere for a good reason (i.e. relative's health failing, course, work(?) You criticize so many aspects of the country, the laws and policies and even some of the people, and minorities, on your posts. You are always whinning and never satisfied with what you have. If I were you Id stop. I am not going to say "I hope you get rejected!" because that would be horrible, but would like that you have more respect towards others and keep your beliefs in private if it should harm anyone. Also, be grateful you have a chance at becoming "Somewhat" part of society if accepted.
  12. Happy 19th birthday to me!

  13. SUGGESTIONS please...

    Hello Jay, In my, honest, opinion, to fill the void and emptiness of your day you should think of something not entirely boring and also not something that is either fast achieved or temporary. I strive for education. During the years of Middle school, I would fill the gap with the schools sport teams, Basketball and Volleyball. Before doing so, I made sure to seek aid from the nearby library with my homework and continue French classes with one of the librarians (who taught me it for free by selecting books and helping me read them. She completed french courses in college but she did not know what to teach, so reading books seemed educational). During High school, I joined multiple clubs and participated in many internships outside of the school, offering community service. I joined the communities Boys & Girls bluc inc., the Library, one of the Middle schools (by guiding students out of streets, helping enroll into school sports and enlisting for tutoring even if unnecessary). By my junior year I was very glad to be an intern for one of the law offices in my city, and, in some cases, was able to participate in some law processes (nothing huge, mostly immigration and divorce). Senior year I fully dedicated myself to help elderly's. It was rather enjoyable helping them cope with some of their emptiness (some of their children deceased or do not bother to show up). I sometimes pass by to give them a warm hello, and am now considered the grandson of most of them. On the spare time I was handed (I know right), I attended a very private gym ($30.00 a month, just so that I wouldn't have to see some people). You have to know who you are before you decide on what to fill your void. It's easy to experiment, but it's hard to stop experimenting. Once that smell is really strong and alluring, stick with it. It is, or should be, what you are able to accomplish best, after educating yourself of course. A wise man, yes from the elderly home, told me that "If some doors don't open, make new ones because the world isn't handed to you, it is left with battles to be conquered."
  14. Legal Resident = Permanent Resident?

    No. You are not a legal resident. Being approved for DACA only grants you the ability to stay in the US worry-free of being deported for 2 years as long as you remain a useful citizen. You are still Illegal. The major factor with being approved though, is that, maybe, in your state, they allow you to receive resident tuition, which means 50% off the tuition & fees bill (if it's a public institution from the state, i.e. Community Colleges & State schools).
  15. So just a quick question as I cannot find an answer on my own (I can't find answers on my phone's net). After being approved, attaining a permit/driver's license, will I be able to enroll into flight training classes? I live in MA if there are different state laws (NH is a possibility, too). Thank You!