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  1. were can i apply for credit??? I have try BOF, Wells Fargo , Citibank, Sear and nothing :(,

    1. Rawf


      You aren't supposed to try more than 3 times per month, even less if your ssn is new. Your credit score can be all messed up now and it takes months for those points to be back into your record.

    2. Baby23


      Since you we're just issue a social security it will be hard to get approve for a credit card.

      Yesterday, I applied for a secured credit card at Bank of America I gave a deposit of $400

      Which will be my limit as well and it will be return to me in 12 months. Then you can start

      Applying for other credit cards that require a mid (650-higher) credit score. Make sure you

      Are paying the full amount for your credit to show significant change.

  2. Hey I also waited for long time. I did what some one suggested and I think it helped. I contact my congressmen (in my case Congresswoman) and email her and faxed her a letter asking for help. I dont know if it was luck or what but I got approved a week after that. They did contact me thru email and phone to ask questions. try it hoope it works.
  3. if i apply for food stamps will it affect me with my cas. I have been approve already but when i went to get my SS they asked me if I have received food stamp or money .

    1. Luna


      Good question !!! I need that answer too !

    2. marisol143


      hello any one ????

  4. Diego, I was like you I have been waiting for 7 months and finally I got approve today. I use to call them almost every other day, cheking my status online every day mornings,afternoons. I did something someone told me I contact my ccongresswoman from my state and email/faxed her and asking her for help. I send her all my paper work and let her know my timeline. Her people contact me right away asking for more info. I swear to you that after a week later, I got approved. Maybe it was luck , maybe she did help don't know but you dont loose anything if you try it. Hope this help and good luck . Keep us posted!!!

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    2. EnJR



    3. marisol143


      Mee... i dont know but if so try it no pierdes nada....

    4. marisol143


      thank you everyone!!!! :)

  6. Hello! Been Waiting For 7Months Now

    Alequiroz, I feel the same way some of my friends applied after me and already have there DL.... Me desespera....nimodos !!! Aver que nos espera este mes.
  7. Hello! Been Waiting For 7Months Now

    Hi AreliJ, Im from Los Angeles and like you I have been waiting for 7 months now. I have called a million times and they all tell me the same thing. That they are too busy and that they dont know when I will be approve they have filed a request called and when they called me they could help they said the same thing. They even did a change addres when I didn't even made the change. I have read others people status in this link and they have been waiting for more than 7 months I know its irritatted that we have no answers but lets just wait our time will come. I did something that someone told me to do , I reached our congresswoman and send her a email asking for her help, her people already reach me and asked me to send them all my info, hope they can help me like they helped others. Wish you the best and lets have our hopes up. Keep us posted!!!
  8. Thank You Everyone

    Im happy for you that you have been approve. Hope everything you want will get acomplished. Like you I came to this country at a very young age(4) and have never been out. My life is here no where else I just hope that i get approve soon. Its killing not knowing when I will get approve.We deserve this !!! Fresita22 - Dont get depressed I know how you feel and trust me we will get our turn. Try doing other things so you wont think of it all day. Maybe if you dont check it for a while a miracle happens. good luck to you. keep us posted. I contact my congress woman and email her my cituation hope she can help me out, they already contact me and they want all my copies of the papers I have recieved form USCIS, if you want try it it wont hurt.
  9. I need an answer....going for 7 months :(

  10. If Your Case Is Taking Too Long This Might Help!!

    Thanks I will try this Hope it works.
  11. Approved!!!

    Congrat Karry!!!!! Hope we are next im almost going to 7 months
  12. Any One Else Going On 8 Months?

    HI Everyone, I really thought that I was the only one feeling depress about this situation. I am going to 7 months I even made an appointment at the immigration building her in California, but they could not help me they told me that I was not the only one waiting and that there is about 55,000 applications just here in Cali. I use to check my status every day but it has not move from Initial Review.I also have called and just like some of you they tell me that they are on the August applications. Not nice but what can I do. I just wish we can all get approve and move on with our files to a better future. Good luck to all of us and to those who are approve already I'm happy for you .
  13. Connecticut ?? Anyone ??

    i actually like the name I wanted to name kid like that but i had a girl...
  14. Connecticut ?? Anyone ??

    so is that ur name ??? were are you from???
  15. Connecticut ?? Anyone ??

    hi im in LA way too far , just wanted to say HI