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  1. Hey I just bought my car there a few days ago!!!! With the help of my uncles friend I wonder if it's the same guy hmmm well they're we're all really nice there
  2. Which Bank You Use?

    Hey Erick, did u have any issues opening up an account with navy fed? I called yesterday and they sent me an email saying that they were unable to "verify required pieces of information" so I have to fax a copy of my DL and SS card. Did u open your account at a local branch?
  3. Good Car Insurance For Daca Approved Person

    I'm still looking too.. I have insurance but looking for something better. My sister works for state farm but they won't insure me since I just got my drivers license.. It think she said its five years
  4. Credit Cards?

    I applied for a cc through bank of America. The whole transaction only took a few minutes. The personal banker asked to see my ID and SS card. When he saw it he automatically knew I had been approved thru DACA. After congratulating me Lol he checked to see what cc I could get approved for. Once I qualified (I found out in seconds) they just took a copy of my ID and SS card. I received my card in 5 business days. BTW I asked him if I had to bring my SS card with me and he said yes that they needed to see it and take a copy of it so I'm pretty sure you did the right thing in showing the bank your card. I find it interesting that they are asking for a copy of your residency tho
  5. You're welcome. We are here to help Yeah as you've noticed everyone's timeline is quite different. What service Center did u use? Hope you get approved quickly too. Endless opportunities await you
  6. My Biometrics Appointment was on February 4th.. I didn't hear from them until I was approved which was on April 4th
  7. If u live close to a branch, it's a lot quicker if you go in. The whole transaction only took a few minutes for me. While you're there they will check to see if u qualify for any of their other cc before signing u up for the Secured one. Once u qualify (you find out in seconds) they just take a copy of your ID and SS card. Expect your card within 5 business days
  8. So I just got back from the bank! I updated my ssn and he changed my name too, well he added the other last name. He said he had to hmmpf anyway... I wasn't approved for the regular credit card so I applied for the secure one and I was approved. I paid a $99 deposit fee and was given $500 credit. $39 annual fee eekkk I hate annual fees Lol This card works perfectly for me tho plus I bank with bofA so it seemed convenient. The banker was super nice! he's my age and said he's been getting a lot of ppl who were approved thru DACA. He gave me a TIP.. He said if your balance due is $100 and your payment is due on lets say June 15th. Give $50 payment mid may and then give another $50 payment before June 15th He said that's what he used to build his credit. For those of u still looking into getting a secured cc. This was the other option for me... Minimum deposit of $300. Your deposit is your credit. Plus they pay you interest on your deposit. $35 annual fee I didn't choose this one bcuz I could get a higher credit line with a smaller deposit at bofA. The paid interest didn't sway me since I'm hoping I don't have to keep a secured cc for that long. $300 seems steep, but you'll get it back plus interest.
  9. Do you have an account with bofA? My original account only has my first and last name... And well now my ID has My first, middle name and both of my last names ugh Lol... Well my question is did u change your name on your account? I'm going to the bank today and I was thinking about getting the secured credit card... I saw that u were approved for the rewards credit card. Did u already have credit before applying?
  10. Checked My Status And Im Finally Approved

    No not exactly Lol but close.. I live about 10 minutes west of the angels stadium
  11. Checked My Status And Im Finally Approved

    It really is a great feeling!! Being approved is awesome but finally having your's the best thing ever. Driving without the fear I was normally accustomed to is such a huge stress lifted off my shoulders. I'm so happy for you and just wait and see how quickly life changes I admire your patience! I didn't wait no where near that long! On a side note, just realized you live in california we live around the same area
  12. My D.L just came in the mail :D somebody pinch me :)

  13. Only God knows why things play out the way they do... Well today is the HAPPIEST DAY EVER :) waited sooo long for this

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    2. Amber


      I only waited about 3 months to get approved but I've been waiting for this for my whole life, so 24 years ;) Lol

    3. Mee


      Congrats!! What service center was your application at?

    4. Amber


      ^^ thanks!! California :D


  14. My Story

    I'm still in shock too Lol it's a feeling that you can't really explain! I have 3 other siblings and I'm the only one that wasn't born in the US.. That's why I'm so glad I stumbled upon this website. The only people that REALLY understand what it feels like are people that went thru the similar experience. Such a stressful way to grow up but at last, we have been given such a great opportunity! Good luck in everything you do
  15. My Story

    I was always waiting, wishing, and hoping that something like DACA would be approved. I'm so happy for you! Especially since you were able to make the age limit! The beginning of a better life