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  1. Got MY EAD!!! :) 2 more years!!!! :)

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    2. sanchez05


      I don't know! :/ its confussing...

    3. Heisenberg2
    4. Heisenberg2


      I heard it was changed by a judge.

  2. Finally Approved!!! after more than 4 months of waiting!!!! :D super happy #blessed!

    1. God_why_m3


      Yay!! Congrats agen! Did ur card come yet?

    2. sanchez05


      Hey! yes I got it today! :)

  3. Sooo Annoyed!!!!! My EAD expires TODAY!!!!! and even though i sent in my renewal app. on time!!! NOOOOO aproval as of today! what the heck its goin on with FREAKING Nebraska!!!! its crazy!!!! ESTAS SI Que son chingaderas!!!!! Goodbye ami licencia aww :(

    1. God_why_m3


      Girlie my EAD card expired last Friday!! We are in the same boat. Monday coming I will be goin to immigration to see if they can issue me a temp one. You should make an info pass on uscis website . Wen u do go make sure you bring all the documents you have

    2. Gezinha


      I called them and their said we can't ask for temp ones, the people themselves will get to your case and see that yours is expired and they will give you one out of the kindness of their very own heart...which is fucking bullshit! I hope they can help you, maybe give them a call, bc I called and 4 days later I was approved.

    3. sanchez05


      Hey thanks I did called them on the 11th.... its F***ED UP that plp that sent in there paper work late! are getting approve before me... When i sent my app more than 120 days before just because I didnt wanted THIS to happen! ITS BS! if you ask me hahaha anyway nothing else to do buy WAIT! :) Congrats on your APPROVAL! :) it was about time! :)

  4. My timeline!!! Date Application Sent:November 3rd 2014 Service Center: Nebraska Date Delivered: November 6th 2014 Date Acceptance Letter of Application Received: November 17th 2014 Date of I-797 C Notice of Action: November 17th 2014 Date of Biometrics: December 3rd (no walk-in) Approval?????????????????????????????? >.<
  5. TAN FRUSTADA!!!!!

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    2. instantana
    3. franklin.m


      pore q frustada

    4. sanchez05


      porque no hay cambio en mi case online, y hice mis huellas el 3 de Diciembre :(

  6. DACA Renewal Application sent today.... :) lets hope for the best!!! :)

  7. Senate Immigration Bill Revealed

    Good News! I just hope they do pass the bill!
  8. La Santa Cecilia Video Ice Sad Video!
  9. Took my driving test last week I passed it with 100%!!!! ;) Super Happy

  10. So i just apply for my SS card yesterday! they say 2 weeks! could it be less? lol! ;)

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    2. sanchez05


      Thanks erika do u have ur DL???? ;)

    3. erika020


      Not yet, but hopefully in 4 weeks ^_^

    4. sanchez05


      Ohh ok! Good ;)

  11. Went to SS office today! ;) yay!

    1. chris_oswaldo


      Me too! Hopefully we'll get it in a week! :)

    2. sanchez05


      Yeah i hope so too! i want my DL already!!!! ;)

  12. I have a question!!! on question 9 and 10 on SS appl. where they ask for parents names and last name do i need to write down both last names or only the first last name???
  13. I feel so Blessed!!!! :) I just got my EAD! :)

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    2. analee02


      felicidades Nely disfruta mucho tu dia ya me imagino ke feliz te sientes =)

    3. analee02


      felicidades Nely disfruta mucho tu dia ya me imagino ke feliz te sientes =)

    4. sanchez05


      gracias analee02! :) @outofmxny yeap since november! :)