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Found 5 results

  1. I requested a new employment card due a misplacement and the expiration date changed. Did the DACA date changed too or have a different date? If so how do I have to renew?
  2. Hello my fellow DREAMERS, I want to start off by sincerely apologizing to everyone out there for making a dumb mistake when I was granted such a blessing with the DACA program. I don't think you want to hear my story of how I got charged with the DWI, so I will say this. My criminal defense lawyer has told me that it will be difficult to have the case dismissed, and I will probably have to do probation. I think this means that I will be convicted of a DWI on my record? Can I still be eligible for the renewal? I was granted DACA first in 8/22/13 and renewed it on 7/21/15 and it is set to expire in 7/20/17. This will be my second renewal, but this time I will most likely have a DWI conviction on my record. I am graduating next week with my master's in accounting and will be sitting for the CPA exam in January. I have a full offer lined up for me in July 2017 at a big 4 accounting firm. I really need this DACA renewal... I had my life set until I made a stupid mistake of driving while intoxicated... Please help me. I am scared of applying and being denied then having the possibility of being deported.
  3. Daca Renewal

    Hello all, I have received DACA approval 2 years ago but now, it will expire in upcoming early November. I have submitted my renewal application Mid July, and I have not heard anything back from them. Has anybody received DACA renewal yet? if so, how long did it take? I submitted about 110 to 115 days before the expiration... Any advice will be nice.. I have no faith that I will receive renewed DACA within next couple of weeks. What do I do if it does get expired?
  4. Renewing Daca Applications

    Recently got an email concerning renewing your DACA. I thought of posting it to help people out, good luck!! Below is the link to check out the website
  5. Is it absolutely necessary to renew my passport? I didn't even know that I could have until recently! I heard that undocumented have even been flying in the US!? Because I have a bit of weak evidence in for the two last years (just amazon purchase receipts and invoices), and, well, my passport is expired, so there's no way I could have left the country anyhow, right? I feel it would be more advantageous not to renew. What should I do?? Also, when photocopying my passport, should I photocopy all the pages from cover to cover (or last used page), or should I just photocopy the visa and I-94 pages? Thanks guys! =]