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  1. College

    Good Luck! and hope all goes well
  2. College

    i've read that you can't get approved for fafsa if you have deffered action but you can apply for as many scholarships as you can hopefully the amount to cover your tuition or enough to pay at least 1/2 or more of the tuition
  3. College

    Yeah you can and hey ask about scholarships and you probably wont start until you have a way to pay for it
  4. I got It! now and interview for a job next monday! yay!

  5. Work

    for your card to arrive but they gave me a printout of my SSN# to me after i went back to ask and she told me that because she did my application someone else had to help me and then she passed me to this other guy who gladly gave me a print out
  6. Social Security

    you have to go to the ss office and just ask them i just went and they printed some sort of paper with my name and new ssn and take your Ead and birth certificate
  7. yay i just have to wait for my social to come thru the mail! :)

  8. Work

    go back and ask if you ssn number was already processed you can go back for a printout while you wait and don't worry your legal once you've already been approved and gotten your EAD
  9. Social Security

    nope your ssn i asked the lady who helped me if i could go back the next day or so to get my number printout and she said i could once it was processed which took about 24 hours or a day
  10. Social Security

    wait you can ask them to give you a receipt of your number?
  11. Tomorrow Is The Day!

    Mine took 3 months and 16 days hope yours go's as fast too good luck!
  12. I Got My Card!!!!!!!!!

    There should be a Social Security Administrations Office somewhere around where you live and it all depends i got approved on the 3rd and the card was sent on Friday so it came like in two days so the card was too new so that's why they told me to wait till Monday or Friday they should have you in the system already i'll probably go tomorrow Good luck!
  13. I Got My Card!!!!!!!!!

    Time to apply for your new SSN!
  14. ten day wait till i can apply for my social :)

  15. so i went to the social security office yesterday to get the social but the guy told me that i wasn't in the system yet and that i had to wait ten days or at least till Monday but I've read that some go through the system the same day they get their ead should i wait or should i go again tomorrow oh and is it possible to get a print out of my new ssn a day after?