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  1. first day of school once again! ..taking computer science. psych. and English n maybe art :)m im one of those persons that cant live without any goals

  2. ok so I was looking at other topics related to this one. but first we all know its different for every state. I been going to a community college for almost 3 years taking only a few classes so I can afford to pay for it. last semester I got help from the California dream act but now that I have a social im not sure if im legible for some other kind of financial help :/
  3. i have my resume ready ! im just waiting to get this diploma!

  4. my liscence expires on 2014 :/

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    2. pswa83


      my DL is good for 5 yrs and my state ID is good for 6. gotta love CA!!

    3. taramo35


      I live in cal too :(

    4. latinagirl


      tamaro so how come pswa83 DL and ID is good for 5/6 years and yours only for 1 and you guys live in CA?

  5. maddoggin a cop today... dunno why lol

    1. splif0clock


      take it easy tiger!

    2. Heisenberg2


      take it easy ese!

  6. i still get scared when i see cops.. its sad that we lived that way for so long n for the ones that cant apply :(

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    2. taramo35


      totally,,, not because we have now work permits were gonna forget about the rest,, the majority!!!

    3. engineer2mike


      True!!! I went to the rally here in LA to show my support!!

    4. taramo35


      that means alot

  7. How To File For Divorce In Ca?

    im trying to get divorce too . no kids . no properties. same thing... my friend told me to go to court and to the help center , from what she said like im not working I can get another application so they can waive the divoce fees,,,, I have to go soon so ill let u know what tell meee
  8. passed my driving test on monday. i didnt know i had to look at the intersections even if is green light hmmm other than that . she said perfect score

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    2. Amber


      I passed mine on Monday as well!! Not with a perfect score tho! Congrats :D

    3. engineer2mike
    4. taramo35


      it all depends on the person that is grading u too

  9. i cant park :)

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    2. taramo35


      n then u get out from the car looked and go back inside lmao

    3. Calidreamer


      I didn't get tested on parallel parking, if I had I doubt I would had gotten my DL lolz

    4. Santi


      OOOOPSSS Fender Benderssss galore!!!!!

      Like a bosss!

  10. Boston Bombing Discussion

    hes racist with hispanics! how can u support him!????????? WTF
  11. Boston Bombing Discussion

    we can judge em all we want but at the end ur just lucky u were born in that country on that state in that city with that family with those morals, raised with that religion. loving god or the devil or the virgen mary ... u dont choose to be good or bad. n dont get me wrong either this is a way of making an excuse i think they should be punish dead row, life time ... i dont know i hope someone here understands me
  12. It's my bd and finally 21 and I got my ID in the mail yesterday! :D