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  1. Ca Dmv Writing Test!

    I'm using that webpage to practice, let see how it goes
  2. does anyone know how many questions are on the California DMV writing test?
  3. Ss Number Changing Drama At Work

    I will just look for another job since im not using my real name at my work!! and I don't want to get in trouble or accuse of identity theft plus I hate my job
  4. Ss Number Changing Drama At Work

    I'm have to do the samething at my work! Did you change it already? How did it go?
  5. Thank You God!!!!

    I know and congrats!! and good luck
  6. Thank You God!!!!

    I know how you feel I just got approved for my I-765 a couple minutes ago!! First they approved my daca last month and finally after waiting one month they approved my I-765!!!
  7. Thank You God!!!!

    What happen with your work permit? Is it approved?
  8. I sent my application on march 26, I got a text from uscis on April 02 that they have received my application then I got my biometrics appointment on April 30 and I got my daca approved on July 03 but my i765 still in initial review!
  9. How long did it take you to get you i765 approve? I have the same problem:( My daca it's approved but my i765 it's not i called uscis and they told me just to wait it can take up to 90 days to get my i765 approve! This fucking sucks!!!
  10. Help Plz

    And do you why this happen? It's anything wrong with my case? I saw other post about the same problem and he got his i765 approved in one month after his daca was approved
  11. Help Plz

    Hi I got approved on july 03, I got a letter in the mail on the 08 that my daca has been approved but I been checking my i765 online and it still in initial review does anyone had the same problem? and how long does it take for the i765 to be approve?
  12. Check Your DACA Case Status

    hi I got approved on july 03 and I got a letter from uscis that my DACA has been approved but im still waiting for the i765 to get approve I checked my case this morning and the i765 still in initial review! does anyone had the same problem or is just me! I call my lawyer he told me not to worry about it that my daca has been approved, how long does it take to get the i765 approve?
  13. United States Citizen

    sorry to ask you is he going for his daca biometrics? or for the permanent residency?
  14. United States Citizen

    I used my matricula! tell him just to take his matricula and he will be fine
  15. I Got Approved!!

    thank you