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  1. I Got Approved!!!!

    Guys i got approved ! They received my application on October 2 , I did my biometrics November 5 and on Feb 15 my case got transferred from Vermont to Nebraska and March 22 I got approved!!!! I'm so happy I still can't believe it. I waited and waited , the waiting was tough and there were moments were i thought that i would shave my head a la Britney Spears circa 2007 lol but I'm here and didnt shave my head ! hahaha I put my faith in God, and the bible says that he doesn't start something he wont finish and amen to that! I knew that I would get approved , man did i pray! Thank you to everyone on this forum! It has been so helpful and comforting to read your stories and struggles! If you are still waiting don't give up is right around the corner. It always gets darker before the sun comes out !! I feel like I'm giving an Oscar speech lol ...but seriously guys thank you ! and you! and you!! and dont worry you too will get approved ! I still can't believe it ! One of my happiest moments for sure ! Thanks to Obama too! who didnt forget about us, and believed in us ! Tell all your citizens friends to vote democrat always ...eff the republicans and their bs ! Thank you God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is to a new chapter........................ CHEERS!!!!
  2. Hello Everyone

    Miami, Florida over here. I did my biometrics Nov 5 and I'm still waiting. actually last week my case got transferred from Vermont to Nebraska. Vermont is taking too long and i guess they have too many applications, i was checking USCIS today and they had this announcement about vermont. On February 13, 2013, USCIS transferred some casework from the Vermont Service Center to the Nebraska Service Center to balance overall workload with processing capacity at the centers. The affected casework includes the following forms: I-821D, Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals I-765, Application for Employment Authorization (when filed concurrently with the I-821D) I-765 Worksheet (when filed concurrently with the I-821D) (pdf) Effect on Customers As a result of these changes, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) requestors may receive a letter from USCIS letting them know their request for DACA is now pending at the Nebraska Service Center instead of the Vermont Service Center. Customers do not need to take any action.
  3. Got A Transfer Letter!!

    same exact thing happened to me, got a notification on the site feb 15 saying it had been transferred and friday i got a letter saying it was transferred to Nebraska...I hope they hurry now!
  4. Hey, i just got a letter in the mailbox and it says that it was transferred to Nebraska too, not so local like you say....when did you send your app and did your biometrics?
  5. Transferred To Local Uscis

    OMG i just noticed you're from florida too!! I'm from Miami. i wonder whats going on.
  6. Transferred To Local Uscis

    Hey my was tranferred as well on friday, i did my biometrics nov 5 as well, i called and they told me that is normal ?? idk hopefully they speed it up!
  7. I did my biometrics November 5. Hey Creep! that's what i think too, but i dont know if its a bad thing or a good thing! I'm definitely going to call tomorrow.
  8. I checked my case status today and my case now says this : Does anyone knows what this means??? we transferred your I821D, Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, to your local USCIS Office for further processing. The new office has jurisdiction over your case and will send you a decision as soon as processing is complete or you will be notified if further information or action is needed.
  9. Feeling Guilty :(

    Are you kidding me ??? Do you hear yourself ??? Like what is wrong with you? You have no idea what you're saying , you're here complaining that you dont deserve this law because you cant find a job??? you know i've been waiting to get approved now for a couple of months I WISH WITH ALL MY HEART i was already approve even if that meant i was unemployed! at least i wouldve been approved! You got approved faster than many of us, the fact that you havent been able to find a job doesnt mean you dont deserve it . Doors are closing on you? B....please! you just got approved...doors are opening for you ! now you can have a license, you can travel inside the US, nobody can deport you now, you have a social, you have a work permit ...guess what that means? more job opportunities! i dont know what kind of job you're looking for but there's jobs out there. Have you try the mall? they always always hiring people at the stores ! maybe is not the job of your dreams but in the mean time you can work there save up and money and keep looking for that job you want. You haven't wasted these two months like you think, you have been trying to look for a job for the last two months! That's not wasting time , you know whats wasting time what we the people waiting for the approval are doing. or most of us are doing , like being home doing nothing because we can't do anything unlike you we cant go and look for a job yet because we still dont have a work permit so what do we ? we just sit here and wait and check the mailbox every day expecting our approval, we check the website more than once a day checking that our case has been moved from initial review were it has been the last couple of months to whatever the next step is. Tienes una falta de ubicacion terrible! Stop concentrating on the negative and look at the positive ...theres many stories here of people that have been waiting months to get an approval and here you are spitting at your approval go read those stories , go and feel your heart break for the many young people that arent as lucky as you to get approved as fast! Sabes que tienes q hacer en la vida....Ubicarte!!!!
  10. Still waiting....

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  11. Thanks girl! cyber hug to you too! lol
  12. @Beatrizrivera909 I LOVE your attitude and your honesty! you're amazing! the best post i have read on this forum is this! keep it up! and i would love to try those churros girl!! me quito el sombrero por ti ! I'm clapping for you! consider me your fan!! Keep doing you!! pa'lante! How has undocumetned status affected your love life? Not all actually, I play it cool. lol I always say that I'm working on my residency , thats why i cant drive yet or work or go to school or i tell them like oh yea i'm taking a break this semester blah blah depending on how serious it is. And they're cool with it. I don't feel like i have to give them details unless it becomes more serious then sure! How has undocumented status affected your financial and social life? A lot because i can't work but i have my parents and they pay for everything but you know you always wanna have your own money and stop asking for money. My social life it has been affected but thankfully i have good friends and an awesome best friend who is always giving me rides. She lives kinda close to me and we share the same friends so we always go together. But for example right now she is in relationship so when she is with her boyfriend i cant go out to anywhere because all my other friends live far so I am stuck at home because i don't have a ride, I live way too far for my friends to come pick me up, go somewhere and then come drop me off. It's hard because I'm 23 i wanna socialize and not depend on anyone to take me places. This is one of the things that really gets to me because i feel trapped in my own home. When she can't go for x or y reason then i can't go. But other than that i get into to clubs, bars with my old expired id i have no problems with that. Do you come out with it or have you kept it a secret and lived a double life so to speak lol.. All my friends know about it. There's no point in lying and I'm not ashamed of it. I havent committed a crime. My friends understand me and support me. Now the people i meet or acquaintances there's no need for me to tell them is something private and not their business and i just play it cool if they ask me if i'm going to school i'm like not at the moment i'm taking a break and if they ask me i'f im working i say the truth well the place i used to work at closed. If they ask me why don't i drive I just say why should I ? when my friends love being my chauffeur lol jk Have you ever had a hard time breaking it to your friends or just lived in silence like i have Like I said my friends know. If someone is your friend or has been your friend for so long chances are they already suspect something is up if you don't have a "normal life" like you dont drive etc. Also if they're your friends why would they stop being your friends if they find out you dont have them? then guess what those people dont deserve your friendship as a matter of fact they're horrible people if they pick their friendships based on a status. Like you don't need people like that in your life , tell them if you haven't so you can get rid of them . what are certain things youve always wished youve wanted to do through out your life, Travel. P.S feels good to know we all go through the same thing.We are not alone.
  13. God is good and faithful he was taken care of us. and he will continue to do so .
  14. They have just given her a ticket. Last time she got stopped was probably like 2 years ago and the cop was like "You know i could take you" and he told her to call someone to pick her up bc he was not gonna let her drive back it was 6am she was on her way to work , so i called my best friend and she went and got her . It's horrible i totally feel you, when it has happened she calls me and my brother to tell us they stopped her and i start crying and praying and i call my friends and tell them to pray for her so nothing happens and thank God seriously that nothing major has happened. After that,she started taking the bus to work instead to avoid any problems, i mean she still drives but you know with limits like she doesn't driving at late at night etc . When i was working i had to work one night at week and i would get out of work at 11 , she hated to pick me up bc it was far from where we live and an area with a lot of traffic and cops, sometimes my friends would pick me up but my job was far and i would get out like i told you at 11 so it was complicated , people are down to do you a favor but not all the time as much as they care you whatever one night she is on her way to pick me up from work and they had a police check point in a one way lane where my mom was on so she had to stay in gas station or taco bell that was next to the street where she was with my older brother ( thank God he was there ) and they parked the car put the seats back and stayed there so the cops wouldnt see them and she called me telling me she was stuck there and we started calling people so they could go get her , bring the car, get me form work, take me home it was a mission and thank God again that , that time she didnt get pulled over she was able to fool them and after that day picking me up was pain in the butt more than twice times she would notice there was a check point when she was gonna go pick me up so she had to turn around go back home and i had to find a ride home. Its hard! A lot of people dont understand i mean they try like my friends they are all citizens and i know they kinda of understand me but not at the same level as you per say .