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  1. How Long To Get Ead Card After Approval?

    Fresita22 congrats you're approved!! The same thing happened to me I guess it takes longer for 821D to update.
  2. Do People Get Approved But Dont Get The Text Or Email

    I signed up on the uscis website but never received a text/email. It's better to check your case every so often, at least in my case it was.
  3. Marco On Hannity: Talks Immigration

    Lol Marco and Fox News. Not even going to waste my time
  4. DACA Process [Timelines]

    Fresita22 I've seen you here a couple of times just wondering if you have been approved yet? I believe you applied in sept whats going on with you why is your case taking so long!?
  5. DACA Process [Timelines]

    My case was accepted Nov 30th in California Biometrics taken Dec 26th And I was approved today May 31st
  6. Approved For I-765 But Still On Initial Review For 821D?

    Ohh I wasn't aware. Cool beans then! WOOOOOOOOOO!!
  7. Has this happened to anybody!? I'm confused does that mean I'm approved!? :/ I know they don't approve your I765 until they approve the 821D so is this a glitch or a mistake!?
  8. Feeling Guilty :(

    Fresita2 I don't think you should be telling someone who is depressed to rely on drinking wine or any kind of alcohol to relief stress/anxiety. There is a misconception about alcohol specially in the Latino/Hispanic community. Alcohol is drug and is just as bad as crack or heroin. In all reality alcohol is probably the worst drug out there since its legal and you can buy it in the store.
  9. Sleep Paralysis! :/

    Maybe there's a troll roaming in the vicinity of your house Waiting for you to go to sleep, and the second your eyes are shut he tickles Your ribs?
  10. Sleep Paralysis! :/

    Hahaha Charlie Nd frank!!! Anyways I had the exact same thing happen to me Except I was shrooms so I guess this doesn't really apply but Scary shit though
  11. Biometrics

    Yes it's normal the processing time to get your case deferred 821D is approx 4-6 months. I did my biometrics a day before you and my case says the same thing. Don't worry you'll be approved, just a matter of time, Good luck bud!!
  12. TittySprinkles

    1. splif0clock


      lol that's awesome. I can never forget berni mac's stand up too "pu&&& in a can"

    2. MusicalHooligan91
  13. Bio Where

    And once you receive the receipts in the mail, all the information you need to know is provided within the receipts. It should say a date and location of where you need to go. Buena suerte!!
  14. Bio Where

    After biometrics you play the waiting game. Currently the wait is 4-6months depending on your case and criminal background. Good luck and stay busy so it doesn't feel like an eternity