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  1. I am definitely glad my parents settled in Los Angeles, CA. This beautiful state has it all. Cultural diversity, night life, freeways, lots of mexicans, Antonio Villaraigosa and yeah sure, lesbians. I would shoot myself if I lived anywhere else. I have a friend who visited Alabama and he has some horrible stories. Not only can we party and win championships lika a "motha" but we are also a lot more compassionate towards others. No matter you religion, sex, legal status, whatever. Truly a Great American State.
  2. Come on! California Service Center, show me the LOVE already. Poppa needs a new job.

    1. jimenezerika


      i wish you luck on your approval! :)

    2. pankaj


      I hope u will

    3. Zntnl002


      Thanks. I have a good feeling it will come before March. Mid February would be awesome but overall I am confident it's coming :)

  3. New To This!

    Warm welcome, from cold ass California, for both Momo13 and Heisenberg2
  4. Initial Review, Initial Review, Initial Review. You're fired Initial Review. Grrrrrrrr

  5. Music Sharing

    One thing on our minds... Our moment is coming...
  6. California Id/dl ...question

    We have it good here in Cali. Keep your hopes up Jasmine
  7. California Id/dl ...question

    I remember reading a post that said California ID's were Valid for more than 2 years. I wanna say 6 but I'm not too sure. Some states are only issuing Drivers Licenses for the extend of the two year work permit. Sadly, some states are not issuing one at all
  8. I personally believe there is a better correlation, between individuals who are still in High School and/or attending College and received faster approval notices. Compared to the fate of those who have been out of public education for a while.
  9. Help Please

    I can't remember specifics but there should be a post named "what comes after DACA" Just go ahead and search it. Congrats on your approval.
  10. Successful day at work! I only thought about my Approval Notice 55 times.

  11. I guess Churros...A make her dance! No disrespect Beatriz. Do what you do. Props.
  12. Hey From Brooklyn!

    Hola Monique As you make yourself comfortable looking through posts and what not, you'll find that everyone shares that same sentiment. Welcome aboard.
  13. In my opinion, a backlog in cases was to be expected. Individuals with pending cases should have every right to be disappointed. I would be. The article, clearly points out "the negative impact" and the fact that the majority of Deferred Action Applicants are from Mexico. I wish they would have mentioned that ALL applicants ponied up $465. The Department of Homeland Security will take that "backlog" all day, everyday. Personally, the best + $465 I ever spent.
  14. My sister did her walk-in today. She said there was no one but her at The Bellflower Support Center. She was there at 10am and was out in 30 minutes. Her appointment was originally scheduled for the 17th of this month. I too wish I knew.