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  1. Okay, I'm not trying to insult your intelligence. If you feel that way, I honestly apologize-- that was not my intention. Also, I never called you a child or anything similar to that, so that being your first reaction makes me wonder others have treated you that way before?? You sort of said that out of no where.... But here is my main point: why ask me what the book says, whereas if you really are that interested or that disappointed with Dave Ramsey's point of view, read the book or research and let's have a settled and organized debate based on specific points we both read and want to point out Second, I'm actually a little surprised that you being an accountant major haven't heard of Dave Ramsey. This whole post may actually have value now because it introduced to you another point of view where in a future when you have customers coming to you because you'll be a successful accountant, you will have knowledge about the subject and teach them why Dave Ramsey is wrong. The last thing I want to say is, a learned of Dave Ramsey from my mentor, not from a random college student that pointed me to a book in barnes and noble. My mentor is an undergraduate alumnus from Princeton University and a graduate alumnus from Harvard University, who is CEO of a Financial Services Company and has been working in the finance area for almost 20 years. When you want to learn to succeed, you need to seek the person that already reached success. Why would anyone listen to someone's "success strategy" when they haven't even reached success themselves Dave Ramsey reached success.... so did my mentor. Which is why I have taken to heart what they tell me. This is my final post by the way, so feel free to argue back and pour out your heart because It will be the last one. I really do hope you read the book, for whatever reason, but that you read it so you have a solid foundation on either point of view you pick. Above all, I wish you all the success in the world and that you will take care of your future with the choices you make today to be able to stand out and enjoy success!!
  2. Praise The Lord!!!!

    Yay!!! by the way, how long did it take for it to reach your house after it said CARD PRODUCTION??
  3. Praise The Lord!!!!

    I went to check my status online and my DACA status still said INITIAL REVIEW.... but!! When I checked my WORK PERMIT case it said today it was sent to production and should arrive at my house within 30 days. PRAISE THE LORRDDD!!!!!!!!!!!! Has this website issue happened to anyone else??
  4. Well here is the thing: why do you need to buy a BRAND new car where you will be forced to have credit?? getting a brand new car is not the only way Dave Ramsey teaches a different method to purchase a car, which is to save up, get a used car that's worth anywhere from 1000-3000 the use his method. that's what I just did/ Last week I bought my car for 3200 that I had saved up in the past year. It sounds crazy, but i promise you it's possible. If you still disagree with me, that's fine of course! All I can say, is that if you want to disagree with me and have a valid reason, read the book first that way you can actually point out specifics, because everything you mentioned (car, home, build credit) are the SPECIFICS that Mr. Ramsey proves wrong.
  5. I don't mean to be the party pooper, I just want to offer a different point of view.... I'm a fanatic of DAVE RAMSEY, if you don't know who he is google him, he's a wonderful finance teacher that has helped so many people getting out of debt. He teaches to NOT use or have credit cards... sounds crazy I know but it really is the wisest thing. There is this myth that we need to build credit, who initiated that myth? Banks! Why? Because it's the way for THEM to have business. Debit cards are the most wonderful thing and you can practically do anything with it. You can even rent cars with debit cards (I know for a fact ) and Dave Ramsey even teaches how to run your life doing EVERYTHING without the use of one credit card. I know it sounds crazy, but I would hate to see any of my fellow dreamers to be finally given the opportunity we have been given like working/driving and in within a year or two be drowned in debt we can't repay. Don't take my word for a fact, read Dave Ramseys TOTAL MONEY MAKEOVER. Afterall, we are dreamers, and one of our biggest goals is to study and educate ourselves-- This book is a TOOL beyond anything you can imagine. I wanted to go to school for international business but since I couldn't register because Im an immigrant, my mentor told me to educate myself in what I wanted to learn with books that are available to me. This was the first book on the list and I PROMISE you this book is an EASY-read meant for EVERYBODY: from the financial genius to the stay-at-home mother to the college student. I love this book and have given copies to everyone around me. Give yourself a gift beyond compare, buy the book and tell me what you think! You could read it in one short day
  6. Ladies & Gentlemen, Guess What....

    What service center???
  7. Update! Form I765

    Congratulations!! Take advantage of All the opportunities that Will come your way!
  8. Here's The Mail, It Never Fails.. Lol.

    Excited for youuuuuuuuu!!!! Congrats! What Service center??
  9. Got A Transfer Letter!!

    I guess it's good news and bad news. Good because our case is finally going to be looked at..... bad news because if it got transferred it means Vermont didn't even take a peek at our paperwork. It was just sitting there all this time let's Trust in God's timing we will get approved at the perfect time!
  10. Got A Transfer Letter!!

    So I JUST got two letters from immigration. I was jumping up and down thinking it was an approval letter. But nope, another type of good news. My case/petition got transferred over to NEBRASKA instead of VERMONT where it originally got sent. This means: Vermont MUST be obviously having issues and taking forever since theyre shipping off petitions to other service centers. Anybody else got this letter??????
  11. I Finally Got Approved!!!!

  12. License With Biometrics???

    THanks guys! Yeah, I was fishy with that too, it didn't seem possible
  13. Help!! Daca Update

    what service center????????????
  14. Hi!! So my mom heard somewhere but she can't remember who told her, that in some places (including Florida) some dreamers are being granted a license with only the BIOMETRICS paper the got stamped and sign at immigration place.... has anyone gotten a license BEFORE getting their deferred action approved???????? Thanks!
  15. Wow!! I hadn't seen that link with the instructions for mailing I used a two-hole punch binding clip thingy. My packet was about 1.5inches thick so I thought black clips wouldnt be enough I ordered mine in sections, diving the bank statements, all school records, all community service, all awards and diplomas, all proof of presence on june 15th (three different proofs) and medical documents, pharmacy history, and on top of it all were cover pages and in the very front a table of contents. THe only thing I JUST noticed from the link with the info JoseG just put up was that it said to put the tab at the bottom..... I put them on the side