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  1. Approved, Key: Be Patient.

    Hi everyone, well i just checked my receipt number for the 100th thousand time after not checking it for weeks because i had lost some hope in my case, I decided to check my status before going to bed and before the start of a long week at work just to find out some of the best news i've gotten in the past 7 months+ sooo excited, i have been reading through the forum for the past months seeing a lot of approvals and a lot of people who were in my situation and a few times I like many of you lost hope but this is another posts of many that we will be seeing of people getting approved after long long waits, please be patient and stay busy, good things are coming. Gabriel A. Zapata. application sent: September 14 App received: September 17th (initial review since than) no request for evidence. DACA approved: May 10 Documentation process: May 10 California Service Center.
  2. 7 Or 8 Month Club..from Vermont?

    Me like fresita22 from California center, App sent Sept 17, Bios Oct 23, nothing yet.....
  3. Ready To Start Pullin My Hairs Off

    bios 10/23 and still waiting, California center.
  4. Hi, my application was received by the USCIS on September 17 and about a month ago i called them to see if there was something wrong and all they told me was to wait,,, and that if i didn't see an update to my case by March 18th to give them a call, looks like March 17th will be 6 months since they received my App which means i can submit a service request, my question is what happens after that, anyone has done it and how long did you have to wait for a response. thanks in advance. GZ
  5. Lockbox Application Sent To: California Date Application received: September 17 Date of Biometrics: October 23,,,, and still waiting, i called about a month ago and the guy i talked to told me to call back March 18th if i don't hear anything from them by than,,, my cousin who is still in high school got her Biometrics taken same date and time as me and got her permit sometime in December... anyone who posted on this thread has gotten any news???
  6. Anybody Send Their Application To Vermont Lock Box?

    i did my biometrics oct 23rd, sent to California and still not approved, i think it depends on the officer that gets your App, i did biometrics at the same time as my cousin and she got her permit 3 weeks ago also sent to California center... lets keep positive and busy.
  7. Working Days Calculator

    73 working days since they received my application, 47 since my biometrics,, loosing that excited feeling i had when i applied, everyone who i know had biometrics taken same day as me already received everything and i'm still waiting for my case to move from "initial review"....
  8. Your First Car after Deferred Action

    after i get my drivers license i would like to register my Honda prelude to my name and get a customized license plate, hopefully after getting a better more stable job i would like to buy Honda S2000 for my wife before we have kids!
  9. Welcome to the forums dreameratl :)