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  1. Just Got Approved!

    YES! My EAD just got approved! My case was transferred to Nebraska on March 22nd and on April 4th I got an email saying that my EAD is approved! Does this mean that DACA is approved as well?
  2. Finally At Initial Review

    I definitely agree with you Gezinha!
  3. Forms For Traveling

    ehhh I doubt that. I think if you have the opportunity to travel, you definitely should. I mean people who came here and overstayed their visas are people who want to live here, so I don't think that overstayed visas have anything to do with this.
  4. Finally At Initial Review

    I hope we do, it's been like 4 months already...
  5. Finally At Initial Review

    Hey guys, so I check my USCIS Status this morning and it said that: On March 19, 2013, we transferred your I765, APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION, to your local USCIS Office for further processing. The new office has jurisdiction over your case and will send you a decision as soon as processing is complete or you will be notified if further information or action is needed. If you move, please use our Change of Address online tool to update your case with your new address. I'M SO HAPPY!
  6. I filed for DACA and got my biometrics dont since November 27th and still (2/25/13) their is no information online about my case (Both I-812D and I-765) Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
  7. Biometrics on 10/01/12 or after

    You should post your signature with your case stuff.
  8. DACA Process from START to FINISH

    It's so nice to see things like this... Lol
  9. Biometrics walk-in

    Success! I did my walk-in today and was in and out in 25 minutes! Thanks guys.
  10. Hobbies and activities

    I enjoy playing tennis!
  11. Story Time!

    but can also be
  12. Biometrics walk-in

    Great! Thanks guys, I'm gonna do my walk-in on Tuesday wish me luck!
  13. For those of you guys who did the biometricts walk-in What do you need to tell the people when you go in?
  14. Story Time!

    with some friends who
  15. Coming Out Once APPROVED

    I'm from new york city and people here are friendly to undocs so I tell people the truth if they ask why I have to pay for tuition and such,But if you're not comfortable telling people and you know that you don't trust a person enough to tell them don't. Just to be safe I guess. And even if you do, I really don't think they can stop the paperwork process being done by USCIS anyways.