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Found 1 result

  1. Well I was born in Cuernavaca Morelos, I arrived to Ca in 1993. It would soon be my 7th Bday upon my arrival to the land where I was awarded a “good citizenship certificate ”... yeah of course Bcuz i didn’t speak an ounce of English therefore I kept to myself in my second grade class. I survived all kinds of bullying or what I prefer to call “me tienen celos bCuz im bilingual and they have to pay tutors to teach them”.. that was my consuelo. Anyway by the time I got to 11th grade everyone was talking about getting their drivers license or permit to work, so i figured well me too. My family owns a taco shop so I wasn’t a stranger to the idea of working hard for something I wanted and the value of money. I took the bus to the local DMV and asked to apply for a drivers permit, and the lady smiled and said “well you have to bring a parent, your Birth certificate blah blah blah..” I went to my mom and she looked at me as if I was talking locuras... pretty much she dropped the whole enchilada on me and told me that the only requirement i was able to meet was being accompanied by a parent.. that’s how I found out the reason why I wasn’t able to drive.. which was followed by a ton of unfortunate events so dropped out of highschool, got a job under the table at wendys and more live events that were not necessarily my ideals. In 2012 I decided to go back to adult school just to feel proud of myself since my dream of being an attorney was squashed several years back. that same year I hear that President Obama was passing this DaCa order and everyone was skeptical about it, and I met all the requirements, I had nothing to lose except maybe if got deported i was risking getting my car taken away which I worked hard to pay for and my laptop and making my kids go to a foreign country not for the same reason I was brought to Cali, though. So given the opportunity and the fact that I had gone back to school to earn my GED after almost ten years; I was approved to finally get a driver license. I finally met all the other requirements I didn’t years back. I have a great Job that not in a million years I would have dreamed of, but just as everything goes up it must come down. I hope Im eligible to renew a third time and with Gods favor my Fiancée can sponsor me once we marry. But until then I can only pray for my renewal to get approved so i can continue to work. It’s October 2017 its been 24 years since I first moved to the land that acknowledges your silence and awards your good citizenship with a certificate, Daca Is the best good citizenship award I have ever been given.