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  1. Achievement Unlocked: GET A JOB

  2. APPROVED!!!! Gonna get my SS# today so excited and happy that my dreams are going to come true!! :D

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    2. lyssa


      Congratulations! Good luck :)

    3. erika020


      Congrats!!! :)

    4. engineer2mike


      Congrats!! I just went the SSA Office this morning, and My dream are coming true as well.

  3. Vermont has sent my application to Lincoln, Nebraska to speed up the process. I hope I don't have to wait another three months. Really want to marry my fiancé soon.

    1. taramo35


      it makes no difference.. from what i know....

  4. Day 103.......... still waiting for my approval. Good thing i know how to play the waiting game. :)

  5. still waiting for my approved letter. Just have to keep waiting i guess.

    1. erika020


      yes, that's all we can do .. wait and wait :/

  6. Hey Guys I'm New Here.

    My name is Hugo, I'm 19, engaged to the love of my life, who i plan on marrying soon, hoping to become an accounting or police officer,still debating. Found out i was illegal by the age of 16 and since then my dreams have been thrown out the window. I thought i was not going to fulfill my dreams, not be able to afford the stuff that my wants and needs, and was worried about me getting deported and not be able see my fiancé nor marrying her and i couldn't tell her that i was illegal, cause i was afraid of what she would do if she found out. So ever since then i sorta given up, but yet i graduated high school on june 9, 2012, still with my fiancé and about to go to 3 years on the 7th of February. After graduation my parents introduced me to the dream act and so we got started immediately and got my bio finished at the end of november and now currently waiting for my approval and work permit to work, drive and start a life with my fiancé. During the pass 3 months of waiting for the approval, I'm getting criticized by friends of my fiancé of why i don't have a job, drivers license, nor being in college yet and all i could give them is excused lies. if only they knew. they been talking crap about me saying that I'm worthless, huge waste of my fiancés time, trying to convince her to break up with me, and that I'm a no life and its putting me in a depression and having thoughts of suicide. Now I'm waiting, checking every day in my mailbox, hoping that one letter will be here soon and once it does, I'm going to find a job as fast as possible so that i can tell people to shut up. Thank you for your time and i hope everyone else is doing better than i am.
  7. Welcome to the forums AdaptiveEmo :)