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  1. Well I was born in Cuernavaca Morelos, I arrived to Ca in 1993. It would soon be my 7th Bday upon my arrival to the land where I was awarded a “good citizenship certificate ”... yeah of course Bcuz i didn’t speak an ounce of English therefore I kept to myself in my second grade class. I survived all kinds of bullying or what I prefer to call “me tienen celos bCuz im bilingual and they have to pay tutors to teach them”.. that was my consuelo. Anyway by the time I got to 11th grade everyone was talking about getting their drivers license or permit to work, so i figured well me too. My family owns a taco shop so I wasn’t a stranger to the idea of working hard for something I wanted and the value of money. I took the bus to the local DMV and asked to apply for a drivers permit, and the lady smiled and said “well you have to bring a parent, your Birth certificate blah blah blah..” I went to my mom and she looked at me as if I was talking locuras... pretty much she dropped the whole enchilada on me and told me that the only requirement i was able to meet was being accompanied by a parent.. that’s how I found out the reason why I wasn’t able to drive.. which was followed by a ton of unfortunate events so dropped out of highschool, got a job under the table at wendys and more live events that were not necessarily my ideals. In 2012 I decided to go back to adult school just to feel proud of myself since my dream of being an attorney was squashed several years back. that same year I hear that President Obama was passing this DaCa order and everyone was skeptical about it, and I met all the requirements, I had nothing to lose except maybe if got deported i was risking getting my car taken away which I worked hard to pay for and my laptop and making my kids go to a foreign country not for the same reason I was brought to Cali, though. So given the opportunity and the fact that I had gone back to school to earn my GED after almost ten years; I was approved to finally get a driver license. I finally met all the other requirements I didn’t years back. I have a great Job that not in a million years I would have dreamed of, but just as everything goes up it must come down. I hope Im eligible to renew a third time and with Gods favor my Fiancée can sponsor me once we marry. But until then I can only pray for my renewal to get approved so i can continue to work. It’s October 2017 its been 24 years since I first moved to the land that acknowledges your silence and awards your good citizenship with a certificate, Daca Is the best good citizenship award I have ever been given.
  2. How Did You Find Adreamact.com?

    I was trying to find out whats the current wait time to get approved after the announcement in september 5,2017. or any similar cases wait time and i did !!!!!!
  3. Many Americans wonder why all immigrants do not just come to the United States legally or simply “get in line” if they are unauthorized. These suggestions miss the point: There is no line available for unauthorized immigrants and the “regular channels” do not include them. Most unauthorized immigrants do not have the necessary family or employment relationships let alone minimal education and often can’t get humanitarian protection, such as refugee or asylum status.There are also temporary, seasonal opportunities for agricultural workers and certain other “less skilled” workers, however their employers need to petition them for work and must provide convincing evidence that no one else can perform the job but the person who is being sponsored “””tough road ha!??”” An immigrant does not qualify as a refugee or an asylee because of he can find a job or their kids are starving in their home country. The diversity visa program or the “lottery draw visa” can take decades of wait time; To qualify, applicants must have a high school education and two years of job experience. In some countries if you get passed the 6th grade you are lucky and the only job experience they have is to whatever pays nothing says specific to a job in America, “”who will want to hire someone with some reading knowledge and random experience to carrying grocery bags “””” Unauthorized immigrants who want to adjust their status in this country can’t just “get in line.” There are lines, but a large number of “American Dream Seekers” are not eligible to be in any of them. Even if an immigrant meets all requirements the wait can be very long if their country of origen is currently topped off with visa allowances given per year. So age is a possible factor but mainly its what qualifies them/me/her/him/us to get any type of humanitarian protection or benefit from INA, so i guess the answer is moot.
  4. nice.. ive been sweating it Bcuz mine is soon to exp on Dec 31 and my status keeps saying “its being reviewed “ I started the process within the recommended time. it’s just nerve racking However IDK if anyone knows this or how legitimate it is cuz no one has ever pointed it out but on the FORM I-797C (its a receipt form for the I-765 Category C33) at the bottom of that letter says “if you do not receive your renewal EAD (aka work permit )before your current EAD expires,, THEN this notice of action AUTOMATICALLY extends the validity of your EAD for up to 180 days from the expiration date printed on the face of the card....” so im not sure if thats the “ illegal presence” that accrues against us or it really means you’re still allowed to work???? so if someone has the answer to this is greatly appreciated and let me in the knowledge
  5. for those who have their 3rd renewal daca approved, how long did it take? for those who have a clean record and nothing outstanding about about their cases. From point A to Z. and did it get approved around the time your work permit was set to expire?