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  1. Hi guys... I'm sharing this in case someone needs it and doesn't know of it. I'm missing a few pages from the copies I had made when I first applied and I didnt want to take the risk. This form basically allows you to request copies of your original applications and other documents uscis may have. So, if you're missing something and still have time to wait on these papers, apply! It unfortunately takes about 4 weeks to get them mailed to you but they definitely do. Has anybody done this? Hope this helps!
  2. Checked My Status And Im Finally Approved

  3. Help Plz

    It sounds to me like it was approved though it doesnt say approved, but it also doesnt say they are requesting more evidence or anything of that sort. Best thing to do is call the number they gave you to find out exactly what it is. You got this by mail?
  4. Would A Security Job Be Worth It?

    That's what I hear too. Thanks Fresita! I will definitely give it a try, but I still need to work on my resume.
  5. I got a car after I graduated HS (I'm 23 now); I have been driving since then and only been pulled over once. All you have to do is drive safe, always. I was pulled over for speeding and only showed my matricula to the officer. I can't remember how fast I was going but I do remember I let loose because I got into the music too much, lol! I was driving from Oklahoma to texas. The officer only gave me a warning and made me promise to drive at the speed limit. For once, I was extremely lucky!
  6. I've been searching around and most of them don't require to be a u.s resident or u.s citizen. I also know most of them are good pay. what do you guys think or know from this field?
  7. Job Resume Need Help

    Could I also see your resume? I guess this is where I'm failing.... and I thought I was the only one.
  8. Getting your I.D. in Texas

    I got my licenset too! I took my work permit,matricula as ID's, a letter when I got approved and the letter where I received the SS as residency proof, you will need you SS for you DL as well. Oh! and you have to take the certificate where you took the 6 hour course. I personally think it's better to take it online, lot's of reading though! I think that was it.
  9. Boston Bombing Discussion

    When I saw what was happening the first thing that came to mind was that it was definitely an act of terrorism. I was scared it would be something like 911, then I started thinking about the reform; it would totally ruin our chance! Just seeing these people running around with terror saddened me, 3 dead, but so many more badly injured. I have no idea why they did it, though I think the younger brother was brainwashed by the older one. They obviously wanted to do great harm to this country but aside from this, some type of religion had to be involved. Though I'm glad one was captured alive, at the same time I feel bad for him for being so young and being brainwashed. Either way, this will not take away the damage they did to those people. It's sad how all these events have been accumulating. Boston Bombing, Explosion in West Texas, avalanche in colorado, and earthquake on the other side of the world.
  10. Ya entiendo! Asi es, USCIS no dio tiempo oficial para lo de las formas. Que yo sepa, no a pasado de 9 meses. Tambien eh escuchado que el sistema les esta fallando y a muchos les llegaron RFE's cuando en realidad no era necesario. Esto esta ocasionando retrazos desafortunadamente. Igual no nos queda mas que tener paciencia y mantenernos positivos!! Espero que todo te salga bien, sigue en contacto con USCIS por si acaso.
  11. No entiendo, te llego un RFE?
  12. Rfe Help

    Got it!! Thank you!
  13. I Got Approved This Morning!!! :)

    Congrats!!! Enjoy a new beginning!!
  14. Finally I got a letter from USCIS and it was an RFE. Anyway, the letter says I need more evidence for the year of 2012. (Now that I recall, I know I didnt send much). So far I collected: Bank statements from every month My phone bills from every month (which I have to print the ones im missing because I went paperless) A few receipts from paypal 1 or 2 postmarked letters sent to me Also, I was thinking of printing out some fb pictures that have the date and the place it was taken. I only thought of that because one of my friends had no other evidence and her lawyer said those pictures from fb would be fine. Would it be a good idea? So far its all I have that can prove that I was here, I wasnt in school last year so I can't send any of that. Would that be enough? Oh! the RFE letter came with an envelope and the letter said to send it in the envelope enclosed (including the letter) but idk if all the evidence will fit in that, at the same time I don't want to make a mistake. It says "Please use the enclosed envelope to mail additional evidence request back to this office."
  15. Let's Have a Cash Competition?

    Whatever it may be, I want to participate!