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Found 1 result

  1. Coming Out Of The Shadows!

    Hello everyone, I want to extend the invitation for those who live in areas near Pacoima, CA to join us on our annual Coming Out Of The Shadows (COOTS) event . It's a great opportunity for those who want to get involved in the immigrant movement and also a great opportunity to come out and share your story publicly and proclaim your identities. The San Fernando Valley community is excited to announce its 5th annual Coming Out Of The Shadows (COOTS). Join the San Fernando Valley Immigrant Youth Coalition, Somos Familia Valle, and the San Fernando Valley Dream Team on Saturday, March 21st at 12pm for our movement demonstration of unity, empowerment, and radical solidarity. As grassroots organizations led by people of color, we are thrilled to be joining forces for the first time. We will bring together the powerful voices of courageous immigrant parents, unapologetic immigrant youth, unashamed LGBTQ immigrants, and our local allies. Our members will open up, proclaim their identities, and you will hear the stories that we don't get to know in our Valley often enough. Be present and stand up against oppression. Our grassroots organizations are looking forward to reclaiming our humanity through our stories. Everyone and ALL families are welcome to join us at the Van Nuys Blvd. & Laurel Canyon Blvd. intersection. We will march from this intersection to the Richie Valens Park in Pacoima (about 3 blocks distance). We will come together to get to know the stories of our San Fernando Valley undocumented neighbors who are excluded from Obama's deferred actions, and other community members of the immigrant community who fall through the cracks in the dehumanizing and criminalizing machine that is the U.S. immigration system. Being undocumented is not our only identity! Come hear our stories, get to know our intersecting identities, common struggles, and join us for an open mic afterwards! March is National Coming Out Of The Shadows Month, a time when immigrant communities across the country reclaim public spaces & gather to challenge unjust immigration laws. National Coming Out of the Shadows started in Chicago, Illinois on March 10th, 2010 when undocumented youth declared to be “UNDOCUMENTED AND UNAFRAID” at Federal Plaza, facing the immigration and federal office building. Around the country, other undocumented youth did the same, some times escalating to civil disobedience in support of immigrant rights. Be part of history in the San Fernando Valley. Come out as you are. We look forward to elevating our immigrant power together.