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  1. yes i was talking about for college,that sounds great hopefully i get financial aid also,i already applied for it thank you
  2. i was wondering if annyone signed the dream act appliacation and how does it work
  3. hi,yes i already recieved my taxes with no problem at all,im talking about my state taxes the second one you recieve by mail have you gotten that one yet?
  4. annyone got a letter from sancramento about soical secuirty number verification for the state taxes? ,i receive one today from state of california what to do ? annyone experienced this?, i did my taxes with my new deferred action social security
  5. does annyone know if in california we qualify for financial aid for a community college?
  6. whoooooo hoooo thank you so much i hope my cousin can hook me up dude
  7. hi guys im wondering if with this work permit you are able to work for a big industry like at&t one of the best phone lines in california,my cousin works there and maybe if he puts in a referral for me i have a higher chance,or you have to be a citizen for that? or are we even residents with this permit?
  8. hi guys ,thank god today i got my work permit,how do i search to find the local social security office annyone know the time they close ? i dont wanna miss a day of work :/ i need the money right now i live in los angeles,by the way i wish you guys the best i hope you guys get your permit soon
  9. yeah you are right,thanks man wish you the best
  10. still waiting for the work permit ive been approved since october 19 and i still havent received my work permit this is weird because everyone who gets accepted receives their ead in less then 10 days,im super worry because i called and they said i will be receiving a letter regarding my case that it will approximately take 15 days and its been 10 days and nothing..i dont know if i should keep on calling or just leave it on gods hands,im so sick and tiered of my job i wish i would get my work permit to find a new one ..idk whats happeniing :'(
  11. help!!! :(

    Itzel he said their is no problem tho,i hope they mail it in those 15 days then i wonder what could of happened?
  12. help!!! :(

    thank you for the posts,i called they said they made a referral to the office where they make the card,that i should be receiving a notice of why i havent received my card ,he said it didnt show no problem,ughh i should of called way before
  13. help!!! :(

    Omg i was approved on the 19 and on the 24th i got my i765 letter of being approved, but i still havent recieved my Work permit its been more then a month,i checked my status and it shows it still hasnt been shipped ,everyone who gets approved gets their work permit in less then 7 days?,should i call or they wont give me an answer?
  14. hi well dont get too desperate you will eventually get it soon ,i got approved for both but i still havent recieved my permit its just a matter of time.