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    iamMari2013 got a reaction from jooniskorean in Got A Dui 6 Years Ago, Can I Still Get Approved For Daca?   
    I applied for DA in April 2013, went thru the bio right after. It's been 8 months later and my status still says "initial review" OMG, my patience are running so low at this point. My attorney called and they told him that my case was on 'hold' because they were doing a security check. Until USCIS receives the results on the security check my case can not move forward.
    Well, here's the issue ( i feel) ...back in 2007(6 years ago), when I was young and dumb I got a DUI, since then I have turned my life around. It was one stupid mistake and I feel that it has been haunting me forever. After the DUI I paid my fines, went to counseling, got married, went back to college, recently received an Associates, starting paralegal classes in January,did volunteer work, work full time , pay taxes. I'm doing everything I am suppose to be doing and I feel that things are just not going my way. Why is it taking so long to hear back from USCIS on my approval/denial?? My attorney told me that even though I have a DUI they look at the totality of circumstances and there is a chance I can get approved... but if my DUI completely disqualifies me how come they have not sent me a denial letter? I am stressed and confused? Any advice? Any one going through the same thing?
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    iamMari2013 reacted to roadrunner11 in Grateful For A Chance   
    Hey guys October 15th is coming up and that means I am again in the process of renewing my DACA. I have to say the uncertainty fear is back and I am really hoping that one day we don't have to renew it so often. But, then I look back and think about the many things I have been able to do in these short year and 8 months. When I first applied for my permit, I was a college graduate working as a nanny for a family who was not only racist but they were blunt about it. I left them even before I was approved. My goal in college was always to become a doctor or a PA. So as soon as I was approved for DACA I started researching my options to go back to school. I also got a job at a local hospital working for several clinics.
    Finally in July 2013, I decided to sign up for my GRE and start my PA school application. I had no idea how I was going to pay for it or if I would even get a chance because of my DACA status. First, I was denied from the state school because of DACA but I got a chance to interview across the United States at a school. I bought a ticket and packed my bag full of hope and dreams. I rented a car and drove to the middle of nowhere and interviewed the next day. They asked me about my life in my birth country as I included some of my background in my personal statement. They asked about my legal situation and family. I felt honored to be there representing all of the dreamers who are taking advantage of this opportunity. The same night of my interview at 8pm I got a call offering me a one of the 70 seats they offer per year. I was chosen out of over 2000 applicants to attend school there.
    Then, it came the financial situation or I should say the nightmare. This kind of program does not have financial aid even citizens take out loans to pay for it. So here I was with the chance of becoming a PA and again my citizenship status was in the way as banks couldn't lend me the money without a US cosigner with good credit. I asked some family friends and they said no. I finally told my coworker what was happening and she pushed me to the limit to find other options/people who would be willing to sign for me. I am talking sign 100k. Someone told me "sweetie, no one is going to sign that loan for you", yeah it crushed me in tiny little pieces. But, I asked the last person I thought would do something for me and she did. Her and her husband had seen me work hard in high school working two jobs to pay for college and helping people in the community clinic. They offerend to help me. And now I am here typing this story with lots of studying and homework to do but attending PA school across the country. 
    Along the way I met another dreamer with the same dream as me, becoming a health care provider. We are both in PA school.  We talk sometimes and it just makes me so proud to see so many of us working so hard to show we are not only undocumented people. We are the next generation of lawyers, nurses, PAs, business owners etc. 
    Go out other and try your best and get the best out of this. It is not easy but it makes you brave and determined. 
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    iamMari2013 reacted to Tori in Life After Daca Is Great!! But ...   
    No prob. Definitely open up a CC. Buy small things and pay them off every month. Your credit will be established and will be very good.
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    iamMari2013 got a reaction from delatorreE in Terrified :(   
    That sucks that happened to you, jerks! However, whatever it is you should still submit the GED cert now, if USCIS declines you just reapply. But I would send the a letter explaining what happened to you. Good luck
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    iamMari2013 got a reaction from adol in After Waiting 12 Long Months.....i Got Approved!!!   
    I am so happy I am finally approved!!!! Today I ran my second 5k at Universal Studios Hollywood...and the whole time I was telling myself to run faster and not stop because after today my life would change. I finished 10 minutes faster than my first 5k. This has been the best weekend ever, not to mention that the permit will be arriving this Monday , Cinco de Mayo.. (((( on MY BIRTHDAY!!!!))))). What an awesome gift....
    Thank you all for your support!! ..and don't lose patience
    I am still hopeful that one day we will ALL be granted path to Citizenship!
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    iamMari2013 got a reaction from Enrique@23 in What Is The Longest You Have Waited?   
    In 4 days it will be ONE whole year that I have been waiting  This sucks! I am in CA ...do you guys know what is the email to follow up with status? I too always have to pass on good opportunities, uggh, lame 
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    iamMari2013 reacted to maurocamacho in What Is The Longest You Have Waited?   
    Hi i just wanted to share my experince with you guys. i submitted my application on 07/25/2013 and after waiting a little more than six months i made my first e-request and got the same bs many people get, we cannot provide a specific date on wich a final decision will be made. so a month after that, i made a 2nd e request- and this time i got a different response, your form i-821d is pending adjudication. by the time i reached 8 months i tried to make 3rd e- request for some odd reason the system wouldn't let me do it  so i called the 1800 number to see what was going on with my case and the guy i spoke with tolled me that i had to email uscis nebraska center and gave me this email [email protected] si i went ahead and sent an email with all my info you know lin number, alien number , referral id. and boom 2 days later i got hit with a freaking RFE although i'm pissed i got it, at least i made them look at my case. I know all cases are  different and this might not work for everyone out there, but to all my fellow dreamers out there don't lose hope and keep on naggin them, send emails i bet that's the only way to make them look at your case good luck.
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    iamMari2013 reacted to Tadjik1 in Hello!   
    Hi to all of you who have created this wonderful website, I am from UZB my English is not so good  i understand everything but very bad with writing. I been living here since 2002 went to school for a year and overstayed my visa j-1 i was 15 when i came. America have become  home for me and for my family. I got married here have daughter and son. i could had adjusted my status through my wife but did not wanted her to think i married her just to get my papers.   When i heard about DACA i never thought i would be eligible for this, after talking to lawyer i decide to file for it. when i went to do some research i was amazed so much that  many of you posting that you got approved and wishing everybody else the same, some even posted from beginning and updates from time to time. 
     So today i got approved so i really what to thank everybody who posted and updated more info about daca. 
    i filed on June 7 2013. got bio-metrics done on August 16, 2013, get RFE letter on September 16, 2013. send  RFE back on Dec 5 2013. today 4/8/2014 got approved hopefully should receive my work authorization within 30 days. 
    Thank you and wish you all the best it took exactly 10 month   )))

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    iamMari2013 reacted to roadrunner11 in Waiting....waiting..and Some More Waiting!?   
    You will be happy when you realize that life doesn't depend on this. Life is what you make it and there are others out there who are citizens but wished they had your health and life.
    I work with people who are in their 20s and dying and I realize how precious is making the best out of everyday and sharing it with others.
    I know coping is hard and the wait is not easy I cried too before but keep it up.
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    iamMari2013 reacted to Sammy305 in Waiting....waiting..and Some More Waiting!?   
    get a job do something to keep you occupied dont focus on that check online for case wait for the email
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    iamMari2013 reacted to rockets713 in Waiting....waiting..and Some More Waiting!?   
    I been waiting 1 year and 2 months, 3 R.F.E and nothing
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    iamMari2013 reacted to adol in Waiting....waiting..and Some More Waiting!?   
    I gotta say I feel much better now its like you describe myself except that I don't cry.
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    iamMari2013 got a reaction from DannyBoy in Waiting....waiting..and Some More Waiting!?   
    Thank you all for your comments...BUT what do you to cope with it? I mean it's so hard to wait..and wait! Some days I just can't take it! I hate it! I am glad I am not alone. I know how each and everyone one of you feel...and i two thought I was a citizen until I got to HS and realize I could't legally work like my friends. I have younger siblings and they are all born US Citizens, I am the only lucked out one in the family.
    But in a way I guess I am thankful because through all my life struggles I have became more ambitious and hungry for success. I want it! and I know that if I get approved and one day become a US citizen I will take it and run with it as fast as i can..and I will not look back! I will only work harder for what I really want...and that is a successful life and career in the US! Though the American life as an immigrant has been difficult ,U.S. has still been good to me, and i just want the opportunity to give back to this great country that has raised me! *** One day..***hopefully
    Please share how you deal with "waiting"??
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    iamMari2013 reacted to Santi in Mark Zuckerberg Supports Immigration Reform   
    Great news for all us,
    M. Zuckerberg, as well as many other leaders in Silicon Valley and other industries, have joined us in our fight towards an overhaul of the severely flawed immigration system.
    Here is his Op-Ed in the Washington Post:
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    iamMari2013 reacted to kaantuu in Waiting....waiting..and Some More Waiting!?   
    I been waiting since november 2012
    The best thing to do,live your life and dont think to much about it,keep your mind busy on something else.
    I used to be checking my status everyday bout 10 times a day lol
    but slowly i stoped,we just need to have hope and faith that one day we are getting approved and stay positive
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    iamMari2013 reacted to luis30htx in Waiting....waiting..and Some More Waiting!?   
    I'm still waiting,and I send my application on November11, I've send like four e-request and nothing,I but the only thing we could do is wait I get really happy when people from this site gets approved,and that I know sooner or later we all going to get approved
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    iamMari2013 reacted to asuarez1985 in Waiting....waiting..and Some More Waiting!?   
    Going on 13 months now. Im from Texas and my application is in Nebraska.
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    iamMari2013 reacted to MosheDreamer in Waiting....waiting..and Some More Waiting!?   
    I waited about 6 months to get my Biometrics last year October. I know what youre going through. I broke down in tears too feeling as if I was so alone and uncared for by a country I've lived in my entire life growing up thinking I was a citizen. But yeah. Ive been waiting a while too and its tough. But take comfort in knowing Ive waited nearly 2 years and still NOTHING. My brothers already driving around in his car. and trying to find a job. Good luck friend. Best of luck.
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    iamMari2013 got a reaction from God_why_m3 in Nothing Nothing.. :-(   
    Don't get frustrated! You will get a job sooner than you think... Just stay positive and hopeful! Good Luck and Congrats on the baby girl! 
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    iamMari2013 got a reaction from Johnny1992 in Hello, Mari Here From Los Angeles, Ca   
    Yes, but we shall stay Positive! Are break will come one day...we cannot give up! We still have to stick together and demand an immigration reform. Not only for us, but for our parents that have gone through hell and back just to give us a better life! DACA is one step forward...but our hard working parents also deserve a break! Don't give up and keep moving ..Good luck to you! 
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    iamMari2013 got a reaction from Johnny1992 in Timeline For Those With Misdemeanors   
    I got a DUI(misdemeanor) six  years ago. I applied April 2013..and I am still waiting for my approval, it's been 8 months now! 
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    iamMari2013 reacted to B3autifulxNightmar3 in Initial Review   
    I got approved!!!!!