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  1. Still Waiting

    I'm from houston,and still waiting since November of last year and nothing
  2. Just Got Approved

    Congratulations carnalito.
  3. Waiting....waiting..and Some More Waiting!?

    I'm still waiting,and I send my application on November11, I've send like four e-request and nothing,I but the only thing we could do is wait I get really happy when people from this site gets approved,and that I know sooner or later we all going to get approved
  4. I been waiting since November 11.and still waiting.(
  5. Feel Like Giving Up :(

    I'm still waiting will be a year in three weeks.
  6. 90 Days?

    I'm from Houston and my brother in law got it in three days
  7. Heyyyyy.!

    Alright.!! That's awesome!! Congratulations
  8. Is This Mean I Got Approved?

    Kool congratulations!!
  9. Really?!

    Thankyou Nancy ) and hopefully we will
  10. Really?!

    Well good thing they gave you 90 days . We got 6 freaking months now that really suxx
  11. Really?!

    I know bro.. I got the same answer
  12. Yay!

    Kool congratulations!!!
  13. Initial Review

    Wow. That's great!! That means you're getting approved or rfe, so most likely are working on your case..
  14. Anybody Out There Still Waiting?

    I guess we are in the same boat I send my November 11 and received on November 13 and still waitting ,so hopefully we all get approved soon.
  15. Oh your still have till 15. My friend have the same problem he turns one year in Oct, and he contacted his lawyer and they find out that his application was lost on some files from different date,and that they have found them and now are working on them that was two weeks ago. So I would try to contact them correctly