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  1. Are dreamers considered legal residents? I though we were but I applied for financial aid for school recently and I didn't qualify. The reason they said was because I wasn't a legal resident and didn't have a green card. Who in this forum has applied and received financial aid for school and how did you do it?
  2. Has Anyone Been Waiting More Than A Year? :(

    Hey guys, I waited for 14 months to get approved. I filed my application on Nov. 2012 and got approved Feb. 2014. My application was processed in Nebraska and I'm from Texas. Once I hit the one year mark I called and made service requests non-stop, I also wrote letters and had friends and former employers write letters for me. I saturated them with so much nagging that immediately my case was forward to a supervisor and a couple of days later I got approved. So I guess all I can tell you guys is to keep nagging them. Call as much as possible and write letters everyday, as well have your friends and family members write letters on your behalf. Keep your heads up, your time will come. Good luck.
  3. How To Fill Daca Renewal [Official Video]

    Thanks for sharing man.
  4. Financial Aid

    Gezinha thanks for response. Yeah I've heard a lot of crazy things. I was denied financial aid from one school because like you said; they require a green card. But I am still looking at other schools and hopefully they can help me with financial aid. Have a great day.
  5. Financial Aid

    Hi, I was wondering if receiving financial aid for school will be a negative thing once I try to renew my application for DACA. I've heard that asking for financial aid is a no no.
  6. Approved!

    @cheated: Thanx you! @iam Mari2013: hang in there and keep nagging them.
  7. Approved!

    @Dariela: about 7 business days. Just remember President's Day was just yesterday so that day won't count.
  8. Finally Aproved.

  9. Approved!

    @iamMari2013: You'll get them soon keep nagging them and making service requests.
  10. 9 Months And Still Waiting

    @xmimi16x: Usually its USCIS that sends you or in your case your lawyer a R.F.E not the other way around. What you and your lawyer can do is ask for a service request. You cannot request evidence from USCIS, they request it from you. To answer your first question, what I meant to say was that you should have family members, friends and acquaintances write letters on your behalf to USCIS asking for your case to be resolved. Hve them sign those letters and provide a copy of their i.ds. That help speed up the process on my case. Call USCIS yourself(1-800-375-5283) and ask for a service request on your case. Make sure you have your receipt number ready. Tell them that you case is beyond normal processing times and you wish for a supervisor to handle your case. That is what I did and I was approved 2 weeks ago. Good Luck!
  11. Approved!

    @Dariela: a R.F.E is not bad news so you don't have anything to worry about. Just gather as much information as you can. Have your family, friends, and acquaintances write letters for you asking for your case to be resolved. Have them sign those letters and and give you a copy of their i.d.s to go with them. Send them the stuff you have already sent them. It's gonna be ok, I know how frustrating it is but the sooner you take care of it the better. Even after you respond to the R.F.E keep calling them and sending letters.
  12. 9 Months And Still Waiting

    @xmimi16x: Do u mean that USCIS sent you a R.F.E through your lawyer? If that's the case then that means the USCIS is requesting additional evidence in order foe them to resolve your case. Meaning they need more receipts, medical records, school records, i.d's ect. . Send them everything you can even things that you have already sent them, along with signed letters from friends, family members and acquaintances and copies of their i.ds. Once you do that keep calling them and emailing once a week. Send letters of your own to the service center where your application is being processed. You'll get approved, you just gotta keep nagging them. @rockets713: that sucks man, I waited 14 months and just got approved 2 weeks ago. Have you called to make a service request? If you haven't do so asap and tell them how long you have been waiting. I suggest you also write letters to the service center where your case is being processed.
  13. Approved!

    @Dariela, remember to write letters to the service center where your application is being processed.
  14. Approved!

    @Armando5280, Tocayo gracias and likewise!
  15. 14 Months And Still Nothing

    @Dariela, call USCIS(1-800-375-5283) and wait to speak to an operator. Ask the operator you want to place a service request because your case is beyond normal processing times. They will ask you for your receipt number so make sure to have that ready. Also keep writing emails and letters to the service center where your application is being processed.