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  1. Waiting For Rfe

    Well i received my rfe notice yesterday they are askong for proves of residence from 2008 & 2011 and that my diploma that i got from a academy does not show on the systems or something like that. I have all my paystuds from those years the only thing im worried is that im trying to enroll on a college to get my ged but classes start until july and the test its on the 21st of august and my deadline to turn everything its on the 22nd so i dont know what to do
  2. Waiting For Rfe

    After waiting since november 2012 i receive a email that they sent me a RFE yesterday I will keep yall posted on what they ask me and maybe yall can help me out. Atlest i know they are finally working on my case lol
  3. Anybody Waiting Since 2012?

    I did my bios december 2012 and nothing all my service request said the same thing(still pending decision) It looks like most of 2012 people left from here and that was the reason i havent posted anything in for ever And thank you i would aprecciate it let me know what they tell you
  4. It looks like most of yall waiting are from 13-14 did all of 12 applicants got approved already? because i havent.....
  5. Quick Question

    Alright thanks i guess im good i was just worried lol And yea i have a ITIN number aswell and i been doing my taxes every year
  6. Quick Question

    Has anybody been approved that had work illegally here? I been working since im 15 with a random number. Im just worried because i been waiting since november 2012,no criminal record ,i havent got any rfe or anything Thanks.
  7. Still Waiting

    We on the same boat I applied nov 13 2012 and still nothing My application is on Nebraska too,and i live in texas aswell I tried service request and no luck i dont know what to do anymore I just hope we all get approved soon!!
  8. The One Year Club

    Application received NOVEMBER 2013 no rfe no nothing and im still waiting.....
  9. Waiting....waiting..and Some More Waiting!?

    I been waiting since november 2012 The best thing to do,live your life and dont think to much about it,keep your mind busy on something else. I used to be checking my status everyday bout 10 times a day lol but slowly i stoped,we just need to have hope and faith that one day we are getting approved and stay positive
  10. I Won The Lottery!!!!! Omg

    Pictures or it didnt happened
  11. Officially One Year Of Waiting!

    Keep your head up your not the only one theres plenty of us still waiting hopefully we get approved soon!
  12. I become a member of the 1 year club lol I done service request but i always get the same response pending decision hopefully they make a decision before the end of this year so i can start 2014 fresh lol
  13. November 13 over here getting close to the 1 year club lol
  14. Really?!

    Got a response today nothing new tho lol Your petition/application is still pending consideration. We regret that we are not able to give you a timeframe for when we will complete the review of your petition/application. What You Can Do Please see the "Online Services" below to check the status of your case in the near future. We apologize for the delay. We hope this information is helpful to you
  15. Really?!

    Congrats And yea hopefully we get approved soon