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  1. People already talking about renewal and iam still waiting for my permit damnn its been a long ride

  2. 9 Months And Still Waiting

    3 service request
  3. 9 Months And Still Waiting

    Been waiting 16 months
  4. The One Year Club

    1 year and 2 months with 3 R.F.E and still waiting , sucks
  5. Waiting....waiting..and Some More Waiting!?

    I been waiting 1 year and 2 months, 3 R.F.E and nothing
  6. Why Is It Taking Soo Long ?!?

    been waiting a year and 3 months now man, still have hopes
  7. Why Is It Taking Soo Long ?!?

    october 2012 and still waiting i got my 60 day letter and nothing, yesterday i got another letter saying "our records show that your I821 case is pending adjudication we regret that we are unable to provide you with a completion date at this time."
  8. After you wait your 60 days from that letter does it mean your getting the permit?

  9. 11 months of waiting :/

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    2. rockets713


      congrats, n thanks

    3. Yureelee


      I know its really hard to have patience, and more when you see that people that applied way after you are have gotten approved. But just hang in there , I am pretty sure you are getting approved soon. Good Luck!

    4. rockets713
  10. got a letter to wait 60 days

  11. I was really hoping to get my permit in the mail which is today i guess is not going happen, cant understand how theres people on the outside doing crimes and other bad stuff while a dreamer like me just wishes a permit to work and have a better life this waiting killed me already feeling like shit

    1. Peedur


      I feel your pain, but all we can do is be patient my friend. We'll get our permit soon enough. I'm just glad God gave us the opportunity. I was stuck before this. I'm 30 now, and I feel blessed. Us not getting into trouble and being eligible for DACA made this all possible.

    2. amor


      I know what you mean! My friend works for the DEA and all of these drug dealers and criminals are undocumented and on welfare and everything. Probably using fake identities. But remember one thing, they'll never have a chance of a REAL, honest life... We do because we're responsible and clean. Don't lose hope. Keep your chin up and just take it day by day. I waited close to 10 months just to get approved so I know your frustration... Just keep your mind and spirit alive, that...

  12. Deporting Dreamers?????

    i heard they can now deport dreamers even having a work permit
  13. October 2012 Cases

    bios october 30 still waiting
  14. this waiting freaking sucks anyone approved from october everyone in houston got their permit in 1 or 2 months and i already pass the 6 months smh

    1. sotero_gonzalez


      im from October, not approved yet but i finally got a service request today after calling every other day since my 6 month mark back in april 9th. you should try to get one aswell since they have to contact you after you request it to let you know whats going on

    2. rockets713
    3. Tattoolouis517


      October 9 and Still at initial review!!!