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  1. Approved on the16th! I was also a medicinal marijuana card holder in CA and it was no issue. There's been discussion about whether or not being a card holder would be a red flag since marijuana is illegal in the federal level.
  2. Amazing. Congrats! My renewal packet was received on Nov 25th, bios on the Dec 22nd, EAD expired on April 9th. Called on the 10th and the USCIS level 2 officer was rude and terse. Pretty much what's expected from USCIS: terrible customer service. Regardless, on March 30th my case status for form i765 changed to "name updated" which many believe means a case is being reviewed.
  3. Nebraska is all over the place. Some have gotten renewed within a month of biometrics. Others are still waiting. My timeline Renewal packet received: 11/26/14 Biometrics: 12/22/14 EAD expiration: 4/9/15
  4. Real I.d Card Beginning Of January 2016?

    Educate yourself via the DHS website:
  5. Approve Notice

    On a side note, which will be beneficial to others who have criminal recs and are weary of applying, what sort of crimes where charged with and what evidence did you submit?
  6. Biometric App

    Negative. Biometrics is what kicks off the process for both renewals and first time applicants.
  7. Renewal

    I actually was questioning the same the question. As of now I've left it blank since it doesn't truly apply. Is the consensus to go with 'white' if Hispanic/Latino?
  8. I've been in the country for 27 years and haven't returned to visit my birth place nor my extended family in Mexico since 1991. Luckily I'm fortunate to have yearly visits from them traveling here and have aunts/uncles living here too. I have no issue not being able to return the country. The current landscape of politics is benefitting no one and will only get worse as politicians fulfill their own agendas instead of the interests of the ones that elected them. As a filmmaker I can join the work force in Canada, Australia, or Britain. It would be a pain filing all the paper work but do able. And owning my own web design business I can work from anywhere.
  9. It's a troubling thought thinking of DACA being terminated. It would take years to deport all the DACA recipients since we'd all be added to the already huge list of deportees. As much as I try to be optimistic about immigration reform I doubt there will be any significant movement within the Obama administration, or any administration in the future. None of the parties want to work together to solve the issue and will just continue to place blame by scapegoating instead of taking accountability on themselves. I always have the lingering thought of leaving the country for good.
  10. Deferred Action And Shopliftinf

    I was booked for shoplifting in 2011 but the charges were never filed. With my DACA app I sent in a court doc showing my record and that the charges were never filed. Approved after 5 months.
  11. Deferred Action And Shoplifting

    I was approved with an arrest for shoplifting. I was booked and the charge was never filed. With my app for DACA I provided a doc from the court showing my record.
  12. I Hope Democrats Stay In Power

    It'll be an interesting two years leading up to 2016 election to see who are the front runners. In all honesty I want to see both the Dems and Reps work in cohesion to pass a new immigration policy. That's the problem with the country right now. No one wants to work together and compromise, and that benefits no one.
  13. Daca End?

    From what I've read in other articles on the issue the bill was passed in the house and has very little chance of passing in the democrat-led senate. And Obama would never sign such a bill either.
  14. I agree there isn't anything to fret about but there always is that little inkling doubt since marijuana is still illegal on the federal level. Other forums with posts on the issue expressed lots of concern about it. I have no criminal record for any crimes. I'll be good. I think biometrics is run to ensure you have a clean criminal record and are not a threat.
  15. I live in CA and currently am a medicinal marijuana card patient. I'll reapplying for me renewal in December. I doubt there will be any impact. Has anyone been approved for DACA with marijuana possession charges? Or have any insight?