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  1. my wife just got approved!!!

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      Congrats to her!!

  2. In order to apply for your social security card you need to show them your E.A.D, so you're going to have to wait until it arrives in the mail.
  3. I just got my EAD i'm so happy!!!

  4. After waiting for nearly a year i was approved today. thanks to my lawyer cuz mi case was a very difficult one.

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      God is good right?

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      sorry i don't believe in god, i'm atheist!!!

  5. What Is The Longest You Have Waited?

    Hi i just wanted to share my experince with you guys. i submitted my application on 07/25/2013 and after waiting a little more than six months i made my first e-request and got the same bs many people get, we cannot provide a specific date on wich a final decision will be made. so a month after that, i made a 2nd e request- and this time i got a different response, your form i-821d is pending adjudication. by the time i reached 8 months i tried to make 3rd e- request for some odd reason the system wouldn't let me do it so i called the 1800 number to see what was going on with my case and the guy i spoke with tolled me that i had to email uscis nebraska center and gave me this email [email protected] si i went ahead and sent an email with all my info you know lin number, alien number , referral id. and boom 2 days later i got hit with a freaking RFE although i'm pissed i got it, at least i made them look at my case. I know all cases are different and this might not work for everyone out there, but to all my fellow dreamers out there don't lose hope and keep on naggin them, send emails i bet that's the only way to make them look at your case good luck.
  6. So after waiting for almost nine months i get a freaking RFE, now i have to wait until the letter gets here so i can see what kind of evidence they are requesting. I'm so pissed, i wonder how long i'm gonna have to wait after i send the evidence, either i get approved or denied.

    1. adol


      the time frame is 60 days so you should be contacting them by that time

  7. I Just Got Approved

    congratulations girl!!!!!
  8. Approved!

    very happy for you my friend congrats!!!!!!
  9. Welcome to the forums maurocamacho :)