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  1. Grateful For A Chance

    SOOOO happy for you ! I love reading stories like this , makes me teary haha and don't worry if you went through all that , pretty much NOTHING can stop you now ! keep up the great work !
  2. Rfe Of Ged

    Hey guys on June 27th i received a request for evidence for my GED , the school I went to was not credited and i had no idea . BUT moving forward , USCIS gave me a deadline of September 9, 2014 to send it in. If i send them my GED once i get it because obviously i don't have it :/ will they accept it ? or will they be looking at the Date and deny it because i didn't have it when I applied ? please help
  3. Terrified :(

    HELLO EVERYONE ! My name is Elizabeth and I have been waiting for my case to say "approved" since October 3rd , 2012 ! It has been FOREVER and a day i know BUT just recently I received a "Request For Evidence" from USCIS for my GED , turns out the private school i graduated from was not credited ! Ain't that a B****!!!!!!!!!!!!! so that explains why my case was pretty much stuck ! makes me so mad that a school here in DALLAS, TX would do this to dreamers. ..but anyways GUYS i need help ! My deadline is SEPTEMBER 9 , 2014 I'm looking for GED prep classes and i will be enrolling ASAP but will USCIS approve of a GED that I just received , or was i suppose to already have it when i applied ? I need help please if anyone went through this let me know what's the best step to take ! I'm undecided if i should drop my application , re-apply BUT once i enroll in GED classes , or just get my GED and send it before September 9th , 2014. PLEASE HELP SOMEONE
  4. Help ! Confused

    Patience is key , I've been waiting since Ocotober 2012 , and just recently received a Request for Evidence. Hopefully yours won't take this long though. Good luck
  5. Welcome to the forums delatorreE :)