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  1. I want to become a licensed real estate agent...but I am not sure if I can with DACA. I read there guidelines and it says that "you must be able to proof 'legal presence '" Am i able to? Ain't I technically still illegal? ..and just being protected from deportation? I don't know, help anyone...
  2. Has anyone been able to get Obama care with DACA? Living in California? Or do you need to be a resident?
  3. Prior to getting approved by DACA I always did my taxes with an ITIN number. How do I go about transferring all that income into my new social. Has anyone done it yet? and if so, how did that go? Thanks!
  4. Life after DACA has been awesome!. After getting my license (passing on the first try with only ONE wrong) my hubby rewarded me with a brand new car! It's been a month and though it is great it has been an adjustment ...I am currently looking for a higher paying job and interviews are not easy! Lot's of competition out there. It's been tuff with the credit card situation...no one will let me borrow because there is no credit line history ..DUH this is a brand new social security number lol. I don't know how I will start credit because im not getting a chance... DACA is helpful but doesn't mean that life will be easy... But I won't give up ..this is just the beginning. I will continue to DREAM big and work HARD! No matter the struggles I am always GRATEFUL for the opportunities! Good Luck to all!!!
  5. I am so happy I am finally approved!!!! Today I ran my second 5k at Universal Studios Hollywood...and the whole time I was telling myself to run faster and not stop because after today my life would change. I finished 10 minutes faster than my first 5k. This has been the best weekend ever, not to mention that the permit will be arriving this Monday , Cinco de Mayo.. (((( on MY BIRTHDAY!!!!))))). What an awesome gift.... Thank you all for your support!! ..and don't lose patience I am still hopeful that one day we will ALL be granted path to Citizenship!
  6. I'm four days away from the ONE year mark...........I am so tired of waiting! I officially hate it! It's just ridiculous! Why can't they hire more people so the processing can be faster? Why didn't they stay within there 4-6 month time frame? Why do we all have to wait soo much time? why? why ? why? . ..........Okay, Im done ranting. *sigh* sorry i just needed to let it out. Sometimes we bottle it in and then we explode... I express myself here because you guys are the only ones that will understand since we are all in the same boat here. Well back to WAITING... thank s for listening.
  7. Is it true that you can get your permanent residency granted faster if you have a DACA application pending (or granted) ?? I heard about this...but I am not so sure? My husband is a US citizen ..but he has not petition for me because lawyers tell us that we have to prove a hardship to get the waiver..and we have no hardship ...any advice?
  8. 2014 IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER! What is your new years resolution? What do you plan to do differently next year? Please comment and Share! Thanks! Happy New Year's!!
  9. How long have you been waiting for that approval to come in? Do you find yourself checking status on a daily basis...only to find it say "initial review" or "pending" ?? Building frustration, losing hope, and tired of waiting....we'll that's the story for most of us on this forum. I personally have been waiting for 8 months now...but I know there are some of you that have been waiting for longer and are losing patience. I will be the first to tell you that I know it's not easy to WAIT. I have a car that I can't even drive because of no licence. I have been offered very good jobs but had to turn them down due to no work permit! Frustration? Yes! tell me about it...I have had a lot of breaking points where I just come home and cry and ask Why? why? why? But now I have decided to calm down and be positive about the situation. I avoid checking status (it will come when it has too), I go out to walk my dog, I read books, I go hiking, I bake.....anything to keep my mind off of it. What do you guys do to cope with your situation? Please comment and share! Thanks for support and Happy Holidays!
  10. Congrats to all of you that have recently been approved! You deserve it! I would like to know what are your plans now that you can legally drive and work? Where do you wish to be 5 years from now? Are you planning to go to college? Did you already finish school? What's next? Please share your story as you will be an inspiration for others (like me)
  11. Hi there, I am Mari and I am a dreamer! I wish that one day we can all get granted a path to citizenship and to be legally part of this country. I came from MX at 8 months old and have been here ever since. I currently work and go to college. I have earned a HS diploma, AA in Criminal Justice, I will be starting paralegal classes in January, but my dream is to make it to LAW school one day! Good Luck to you all!
  12. I applied for DA in April 2013, went thru the bio right after. It's been 8 months later and my status still says "initial review" OMG, my patience are running so low at this point. My attorney called and they told him that my case was on 'hold' because they were doing a security check. Until USCIS receives the results on the security check my case can not move forward. Well, here's the issue ( i feel) ...back in 2007(6 years ago), when I was young and dumb I got a DUI, since then I have turned my life around. It was one stupid mistake and I feel that it has been haunting me forever. After the DUI I paid my fines, went to counseling, got married, went back to college, recently received an Associates, starting paralegal classes in January,did volunteer work, work full time , pay taxes. I'm doing everything I am suppose to be doing and I feel that things are just not going my way. Why is it taking so long to hear back from USCIS on my approval/denial?? My attorney told me that even though I have a DUI they look at the totality of circumstances and there is a chance I can get approved... but if my DUI completely disqualifies me how come they have not sent me a denial letter? I am stressed and confused? Any advice? Any one going through the same thing?
  13. Life After Daca

    That's awesome! Congrats to you! Keep making it happen...but just never forget your struggles and where you cam from..
  14. Denied Bcuz Felony!

    What is your felony? Was it a dui or something else?
  15. @Susana I think you should definitely apply! But make sure that DUI gets expunged and seal prior to you applying. Yes, you do need to be honest on application and list your charge. Many lawyers will tell you not to apply because you are an automatic disqualification due t the dui , but that's not true! Consult with many until you find the right one. I consulted with a few and 3/4 attorneys told me no way don't apply! But one attorney said I can't guarantee you an approval but it's definitely worth a shot. So I went for it. I was also scared of getting it denied but I got approved about 12 months later! It was a "hell" wait...but worth it! The lawyer will submit all the evidence necessary to build you a good case. But you wanna provide him/her with plenty of evidence showing how your character/conduct has changed after the DUI incident. So this can include college degrees, any volunteer work, marriage certificates, grades report etc.. I hope this helps...keep us posted and GOOD LUCK!
  16. Life After Daca Is Great!! But ...

    Great advice! Thank you! I have not checked with BofA so I will go there next. I don't need credit cards...my spouse makes enough for us BUT i do NEED credit...maybe one day i wanna buy something or get a student loan and of course they will want me to have good credit standing. I appreciate your advice! Thanks!
  17. Terrified :(

    That sucks that happened to you, jerks! However, whatever it is you should still submit the GED cert now, if USCIS declines you just reapply. But I would send the a letter explaining what happened to you. Good luck
  18. Yes, i know. This happened when i was young and dumb (7 years ago) fortunately for me I still got approved and I am grateful!
  19. Thanks! I got approved!! Never getting a DUI again! Have too much to lose
  20. 12 Months And Still Nothing, Aaahhhhhh!!!

    i got approved! Received on May 5
  21. After Waiting 12 Long Months.....i Got Approved!!!

    Thank you ALL!! Congrats to all that have been accepted. and for those that are still waiting I know it's hard because I have been there but just be patient and don't lose hope! Your time will come..
  22. I got approved

    1. Dreamer81



    2. romero509


      how old were u, when u got the dui? was it dismissed or were u convicted before dismissal?? ur answer will help me alot. thank u in advance

    3. iamMari2013


      @romero509 I was 20 years old when I got the DUI, prior to applying for DACA I went to a lawyer paid him to help me expunge the misdemeanor. My DACA was approved after 12 months exactly! Hope this helps

  23. Waiting....waiting..and Some More Waiting!?

    Yes, lot's of waiting unfortunately, uggh.... ther's nothing else we can do.
  24. What Is The Longest You Have Waited?

    In 4 days it will be ONE whole year that I have been waiting This sucks! I am in CA ...do you guys know what is the email to follow up with status? I too always have to pass on good opportunities, uggh, lame
  25. I wish i could speak to the person handling my case, uggh. I would say what he heck is taking so DAMN long... *sigh