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    info atbout daca
  1. I am moving to texas and I was wondering when I tranfer my drivers licence iif is going to be normal or it will indicate that i have Daca please can some one help me?

    1. Zoey84


      It will say limited term on the top

  2. Finaly I got I approved yesterday after I wait for 2 years thank you God.

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    2. adol


      first I apply in 2012 and in june 2014 I got denied I reaply in july and I got approved yesterday

    3. adol


      o! an no criminal record

    4. Rico201320


      What's your timeline?

  3. Anybody Waiting Since 2012?

    Bahamagirl what they said to you I provable should call them to!
  4. Anybody Waiting Since 2012?

    December 2012 did bios Jan 2013 and i am still waiting to.
  5. wow! we are in the same boat.
  6. What Is The Longest You Have Waited?

    congrats my friend 4 real
  7. Any Late 2013 Applicants

  8. 12 Months And Still Nothing, Aaahhhhhh!!!

    I hear you my friend I understand what you going through I been waiting for 16 months
  9. Any Late 2013 Applicants

    30 to 60 days .
  10. What Is The Longest You Have Waited?

    yes Nebraska this waiting its not easy. Some days are really hard.
  11. What Is The Longest You Have Waited?

    I been waiting for 14 months
  12. Ayuda... Regunta Sobre Daca

    busca otra opinon con otro abogado. tu caso es y gual que el mio las pruebas mas importantes son del 2007 al presente.
  13. I Just Got Approved

    congratulations so they doing something.
  14. Finally! Approved.

    I sent mine on dec 24-2012 so I might be next god wiiling