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  1. Anyone In Arizona

    My heart breaks for the AZ crowd. It's just not fair. Come to Cali:) Land of perpetual sunshine...
  2. Petition For Alien Relative While Going Through Daca

    I also have a pending case with immigration. It didn't affect DACA, in three months I had my card, but my license on the other hand is a different story. I've been waiting for my license since March! If I were you I would give them a ring.
  3. The Name's Alex! Nice To Meet You!!!

    Welcome Alex! What Ivy League school are you planning on attending?
  4. I Got Approved!!

  5. DACA Process [Timelines]

    Audi90 did you get your DL and ID already? If so, how long until you received them? I've been waiting for three months already. I'm in California.
  6. Hello I'm Erick I Got Some Questions

    Don't worry Erick, It'll all work out! Matricula is fine. I used my passport. It was super quick. All I did was fill out a short form they handed me as I walked in, after I filled it out I returned it to the man in the front, then he handed me a number. I waited for my number to be called then they fingerprinted me, took my photographs and that was it! I was there for like fifteen minutes. I was really nervous because I thought the workers would treat me different, or I would feel odd and out of place, but it wasn't like that at all. I finally figured out I could care less about what others think, head up and keep moving forward!
  7. Approval!

    whoo hoo!!! congrats dude
  8. I'm New Here

    Thank you! Thank would be very helpful. I'm nervous because I have no idea what I'm walking into.
  9. Thanking God Almighty

  10. I'm New Here

    Thanks! hoping for the best:)
  11. I'm New Here

    Cali. I've been going through this for two years. It's taken so long because of my choice, I've been delaying everything because frankly, I'm terrified to go to Mexico. I hear and see everything that happens over there and it scares me. But I've run out of excuses. It's time to face the music. Did your friend cross with a visa? People that crossed with visas do not need to leave the country. Since I didn't have one, I'm eligible for the ten year punishment. It's BS.
  12. I'm New Here

    Thanks. I feel so lost sometimes.
  13. Getting a Driver's License

    Ok so I have a question on the time it takes to receive your DL in the mail. For anybody in California. I passed my behind-the-wheel on March 12,2013. It's May 22 and I still haven't received anything! I could have gotten my state ID too but I figured the DL would serve that purpose too. Anyway, now I regret it. Has this happened to anyone? Why is it taking so long? Geez, it seems like it'll never get here.
  14. I'm New Here

    So a little background information about me. My parents brought me to this country when I was three. They crossed me and it was so easy, or so I hear. My features are light complected with (natural) dark blonde hair. My father crossed with no visa and my mother did. My whole life I've been living this huge lie. I look and talk like a white girl but I'm far from it. Recently, i married an American man and he's applying for me to get legal status. So, since I was brought to the US with no visa, now I'm facing a ten year punishment! It's not fair. I spoke to my mom and she admitted she didn't even try to get a visa for me. WTH I've hired an attorney and my accounts are drained. I'm close to my interview in Juarez and as the hour creeps closer and closer my nights of rest are shorter and shorter. I did get approved for DACA though.
  15. Welcome to the forums headintheclouds :)