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  1. ** What to do with ITIN after receiving SSN **

    I was just wondering what exactly does it mean to explain I have a new SSN? I really want to update my credit history with my new SSN but don't know how to explain them why I got a new one. My previous one was a fake number I made up. Should I just say that I got a new one and that's it?
  2. Ssn Card Say Valid For Work Permit Or No?

    Thanks ya'll.
  3. I was just wondering how the ssn cards of those approved look. Do they have " Valid for Work only" or just normal?
  4. December!!

    i got approved today!! Yeaaaaaah .....hopefully i hear from you soon! My prayers go out to for you tonight!
  5. December!!

    @sotero_gonzalez...if it is not to much to ask, do you think you can write to me when you do get approved. I've also been waiting since you can imagine the curiousity. :s
  6. Welcome to the forums claudiasperez88 :)