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  1. Has Anyone Applied For Green Card While Under Daca?

    Hi! I got married last year in June 27th, 2013 and then I applied for green card. I believed I started applying for green card like few months after I got married.It was a long process but I got my green last month. When you apply please read the instruction carefully, because there are hidden forms you have to file. For me I had to file total of 6 forms. Good luck! Let me know if you need help!
  2. Thanks God I'm Finally Approved !!

  3. Best Credit Cards To Apply For After Daca

    I applied for Discover Card and got approved the next day!
  4. Job hunting is not easy!

    1. ツ alejandriiukz ㋡

      ツ alejandriiukz ㋡ helps I got 3 calls from there :)

    2. Luckystar
  5. I'm officially a Registered Nurse now!!! So happy!!! :)

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    2. erika22


      Congrats how exciting that's my future goal. Did you take that state nursing exam?

    3. engineer2mike
    4. Luckystar


      Thanks guys!!! @erika22, yes! that's the nursing state license exam, it was super hard!!!

  6. Got an phone interview yesterday from one of the hospital!!! :)

    1. roadrunner11
    2. splif0clock


      Hope you get the gig. G'luck

    3. Luckystar


      @roadrunner11 & @splif0clock, thankyou!!! I really hope I can get a job after I pass my boards! :)

  7. Florida applicants---- timeline?

    Hi! My timeline says it all!
  8. counting down for my exam date... getting closer and closer...

  9. Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

  10. Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

  11. Happy Holiday Everyone!!! :)

  12. Who Helped you with your DACA application

    I did mine myself.
  13. Getting ready to get my nursing license soon! Got to go study hard!!! :P

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    2. Cochoz



    3. pswa83


      good luck!!! finger crossed!!

    4. Luckystar


      @roadrunner11, @Cochoz, & @pswa83 Thankyou you guys!!! I really need all the luck and wishes I need for this exam!

  14. State ID's and DL's validity

    On Nov. 5th, 2012, I went to apply for my state ID. I show them my SSN, EAD, and two mails that has my name with the address. The process was quick and I thought I would get my ID right away just like others but once I pay them $25.00 the lady told me that I'll get my ID within 30 days in the mail. So, finally on Nov, 30th, 2012 I received my ID and it only gave me a year and on the right lower corner it says in red "Temporary". I wonder does anyone have the same thing like that? But I'm glad that I finally have a valid ID to show others when they ask. Also, I found out that in Florida, you can't have ID and DL at the same time! Once I go get my DL I have to give back my ID to them! I think that's a new rule, because my dad didn't have to do that before.