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Found 1 result

  1. (Sigh) Ok - as many of you are probably aware, the authorities identified the two suspects (one of them deceased) which are from Chechen origin. For those of you wondering where is Chechnya, it is a 'republic' of Russia - by Republic, it should be interpreted as an autonomous region where the majority of the population is of an ethnic minority. In addition, Russia allows them to have another language aside from Russian, and the region is also part of the Commonwealth of Independent States (former soviet republics). Here is a map: Chechnya is the #3 republic according to the map Chechnya has been infamous due to a separatist, radical Islamist group that want to establish the Caucasus Emirate (which would be comprised of the colored area described in the little picture above - not Georgia) and have strived to do it through violent means. The separatist group (read: Chechen Rebels) have been responsible for attacks in Central Asia and Russia due to tensions that have existed in the region for a long time between Chechens and Russians (since ~18th century). Why is this important, you ask? Well, the bombers were immigrants from Chechnya who came to the US and were naturalized. Now you catch the drift. During the time of significant, comprehensive immigration reform, the authors of the bombing were immigrants. They were not hispanic, latinos, asian, african, etc, but they were immigrants nonetheless. I just want to see your thoughts on how this might have a negative impact in the debate for immigration reform... Perhaps it won't stop the reform on its tracks, but it could spark a heated debate, in addition to amendments and changes to the bill. Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?