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  1. Behind the scenes on DACA
  2. hi could u help

  3. Make sure you only type the letters and numbers. Don't type any hyphen, space, or symbols
  4. Wow Vick!!! Its such a blessing to hear you updates
  5. California Ab-60 Driver License Question

    I know some people that have moved from other states and they only have to take the written test to obtain California's
  6. Travel Outside Us

    My cousin is going June 15 and will stay for two weeks. I'll let you know...
  7. Rfe Taking To Long!!

    Yes, this has happened to people close to me but they eventually got their paperwork. Please don't give up, this is something that you have been waiting for your whole life so don't give up now. Getting DACA is the next best thing to voting for us because together as a whole shows them how many innocent lives need immigration reform. Only half amount of people applied from expected to apply.
  8. Just Another Introductory Story!

    I know it's hard to be patient sometimes specially when you are that close but there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck and I hope you get your prayers answered soon
  9. Name Was Updated

    It could be that they are viewing your case, sending an RFE, approval, transferred, etc., Good luck
  10. They can ask for more documentation during any given waiting period. What they would ask for will depend on how complete the documentation on your package was. Gook Luck and I hope you hear from them soon
  11. Contact the congressman in your district to help you
  12. Waiting Time

    It's hard to say how long it could take because there has been reports about the wait being rfrom 2 months to almost 2 years and no one knows why. What you can do after six months is an on line inquiry, call them, can also request a FOIA. Stay strong because it takes a lot of patience to go though this. I know it's hard to hear to stay bussy to not think about it much when I know it is in your mind all the time. But I'm am going to say it, stay positive, be patient and stay strong. We are stronger than we think it's possible
  13. Call them up right away because if have been APROVED two months ago. It shouldn't even take more than 3 weeks. they need to tell you if they know where it is or if unfortunately, was lost and you might have to reaply for the duplicate. I'm sorry that you have not recieved it
  14. Waiting Time

    Sometimes the status changes from "your case has been recieved" to "was aproved" without notices in between.