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  1. Approved!

    Congratsss to you !!..After all that waiting you will finally be able to start fulfilling many of your dreams.
  2. Hello Everyone I'm New

    Hang in there!.. I personally understand what you are going through. I waited 9 months to get approved and never lost my faith and hope. I can tell you there were times when depression got into me but this forum always helped me cope with the stress . Keep hopes up and for sure you will sooner or later be approved.
  3. I Got Approved!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I Think I Got Approved!!

    Congrattss to you!!!..
  5. Rfe Question

    My apartment manager wrote me a letter stating the years I've been living there.
  6. The Wait After Rfe

    It took them 4 months to approve my case after I responded to my rfe.
  7. Excited!

    Congrats !!!... Great things await you.
  8. Its been two months since my daca got approved and little by little ive been doing things that ive always wanted to do. Getting my id and actually using it feels AWESOME. Getting added to the payroll with my NOT FAKE ssn. Having a DL and being able to drive without the fear of being pulled over by cops. And so many other great things that await me. I am so thankful for DACA and really hope that all of you guys still waiting get approved soon.



      i wish i was there like u when they rfe u what was it for?

    2. Yureelee


      We hope in god that soon you get experience the greatness of being of approved. And I received the rfe back in March for more evidence from 2008-2012.Just a couple months for each year.

    3. cheated


      awesome yuree :) i kno what u mean

  9. After I sent back my rfe , I waited 4 months and finally got approved.
  10. Questin About Legal Status...

    Sorry to hear about your illness. I really hope that you get the help needed to help you treat your illness. And about your question.. which I think is a really good question . I had some doubts about that too , I really hope somebody in the forum helps you answer your question.
  11. Hi Im Erika

    Hello Erick .. And welcome to this wonderful forum. Sorry to hear youve been going through hard times. And we hope in god that everything you send for your rfe is enough. Good Luck !!
  12. Ca Id And Ssn

    My ssn number starts with a 0.. lol..
  13. Heyyyyy.!

    Hello .. And I am really sorry to hear that they have made you wait for so long. But the good thing that you finally got some kind of answer , even though it was an rfe. Make sure you go ahead and send all the evidence they are requesting, the more the better. And I really wish you the best of lucks and hope to hear of your approval soon.
  14. :''( Why God??

  15. Do I Have To Renew It?

    Yes , that exactly what would show up for me. Did they email you your USER ID already??