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    Date Application Sent - 11.05.12
    The Lockbox the application was sent to - Chicago, IL (131 S. Dearborn)
    Mailing Method (Express, priority, certified) etc. - Express Overnight
    Date delivered - 11.06.12
    Date of G-1145 Notice - 11.09.12 10:12 AM (Sent to the California Service Center)
    Date of I-797 C Notice of Action (Application Accepted) - Dated 11.09.12 (Received on 11.13.12)
    Date of Biometrics Letter - Dated 11.13.12 (Received on 11.17.12)
    Date Biometrics scheduled - 12.11.12 (Completed on 11.19.12)
    Date of I-797 C Notice of Action (Application Approved) - 12.18.12
    Date of EAD received - 12.22.12
  1. Name Update

    Don't give up yet! When your denial letter arrives in the mail, it will list a reason why your application was denied. I know the application fee is hard to come by, but it's worth the investment. Are you a first time applicant or renewing your DACA? With a clean background check, it's likely that they felt like you didn't provide sufficient proof of having been in the US/continuous presence. Post here and you'll get tips and suggestions. Good luck!
  2. Merry Christmas to everyone!

  3. Thoughts On Obama's Executive Order...

    Born in Kingston, but left when we were 2. Been here for quite some time lol.
  4. Thoughts On Obama's Executive Order...

    Where are you from? Jamaican here. I just said the same thing to my mother (Wantee wantee...etc) about the EO. And I agree with you, Gezinha. DAPA did not cover some deserving individuals. Be it the number of years of continuous residency, DUIs, or the filing fees. There are always going to be "deserving" people who don't get what they truly deserve. It's a sad, but true, fact of life. And without requirements, you have psychos from the right yelling "Amnesty!" What we have to do at this point, is lobby for a permanent solution and that means trying to get a Democratic House and Senate elected within the next 2 years.
  5. Thoughts On Obama's Executive Order...

    Actually, it's not until age 21 before a USC can petition for a relative. The system has always been about family ties and family unity. Many EWIs are facing a 10 year ban, so it doesn't matter if their children can file for them or not. They would have to go to their home country for their consular appointment, and ultimately cannot return until 10 years later. He's helping those people via the EO, and rightly so. If you want to make a sensible point, then say something along the lines of the following: "the system should change reflecting both family ties and meeting the needs of our changing economy. That way farm workers, relatives of LPRs/USCs, and the tech industry get a good deal as far as immigration goes." And I think you seem to neglect the fact that many of the same farm workers you are concerned about have USC children. If I recall, 300,000 or so will be helped via the DAPA program.
  6. Thoughts On Obama's Executive Order...

    I honestly think the OP was expecting too much. I pretty much expected that the EO would only cover certain groups, although I earnestly hoped parents of DACA beneficiaries would be included. The President is a constitutional law professor. At the end of the day, his EO has to be able to help as many as possible, but also be able to stand up to court challenges. While we have certain rights under the Constitution, in the eyes of the public and, ultimately, courts, USCs and LPRs have more of a right to be here than we do. During the summer, Rep. Gutierrez and others tried to create the new group of DREAMers. And the discussion was always framed around the parents of LPRs and USCs (particularly those who are minors, as they are placed in the foster care system when parents are deported). We should all be grateful we qualified for the initial program and that older DREAMers have now been extended the same opportunity we had. I'm especially thankful since I'm part of a mixed status family. My little brothers no longer have to worry that they will get news that our mother will be deported (which was a real possibility for us some years ago, when she was caught DWL). If the required number of years would have been too high, immigrants rights activists would have been coming for him much like they already are, since some of the community seems to think he hasn't done enough with the new EO. I'll play devil's advocate here. 8 years is too low. It should have been 15. Our family has been here for 25 years and we have approved I-130 and a visa available. But we're dealing with the 10 year ban. We tried to legalize. Using your logic, I should be upset that he's giving deferred action to people who didn't even attempt to adjust and have been here less time than we have. I am not. In fact, I am ecstatic that he's actually doing something to help the undocumented population. At the end of the day, he could have continued to take the heat, but he didn't. He's putting himself out there, much to his own detriment. I have seen so many posts on twitter, on this message board, and another where people are busy belly aching instead of being humble and grateful.
  7. My sister's approval came faster than we expected. Feeling blessed this week. Hoping for the best tomorrow night.

  8. EAD approved this morning. Now, awaiting my sister's approval.

    1. Rawf



    2. outofmxny
    3. instantana


      WOW EVERYONE IS GETTING APPROVED, THATS AMAZING, I GOT the letter for REF I sent it back so im just waiting but GOD IS GOOD! MY TIME WIL COME!

  9. Renewal Of Daca

    Sorry for the late reply. I have only lived in 3 places since moving to the U.S., so I am unsure of how people with 4+ addresses would handle that section.
  10. Renewal Of Daca

    My sister's application arrived at USCIS 118 days before her expiration date. Just try to send it as soon as you have the money. I don't think 1-2 weeks outside of the safe zone will have much of an affect on the timing of the approval.
  11. Renewal biometrics completed Monday. Now the waiting begins all over again.

  12. Damn It Can't Find A Job!!!

    Have you finished your college degree? If not, have you tried applying for anything in retail? I know a lot of stores are hiring for the holidays, and many managers will be willing to keep you after if you're hard working enough. What about warehouses? They're going to be pretty busy too and need extra help this time of year. Try also finding information about your local UPS locations and see if they're hiring.
  13. Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well. Just wanted to know if anyone knew of a state that granted domicile for in-state tuition within one year of living there with DACA?

    1. outofmxny


      I currently live in Georgia. There is a lawsuit against the Board of Regents that would allow us in-state should the DREAMers win. However, should that not work out, I need a back up plan.



      i live in ga too

  14. I Got Approved After 10 Months And 5 Days