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    Gino10 reacted to pswa83 in Looking For Job   
    any important key to job hunting is to follow up on the job applications and resumes that you have sent. call about 2 days after you filled out the application or sent a resume and simply state your name and that you were just touching base on the application you filled out or the resume you dropped off. if you have the time and the places are local, try going in person with a resume and asking to see the manager and introduce yourself and ask if they will take your resume. a lot of the times, filing out a job application online just sends the application into the human resource black hole and not to the individual store you want to work out. 
    so put yourself out there and remember that it is a very competitive job market. it's not only us looking for work but so many others as well. 
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    Gino10 reacted to Theresa in Looking For Job   
    Try to post more resumes than to replying to jobs since companies recieve up to hundreds of enquiries about posted jobs. Don't forget to go in person to register to job agencies. Don't overlook the assistant positions that may lead to something good in the future like experience and promotions and if you see a hiring post that says apply in person or e-mail resume, go in person because maybe they will interview on the spot. Register in LinkedIn and look for employed friends from college (they might refer you or might know about one) I hope you find a job soon!
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    Gino10 got a reaction from Santi in Where do you look to find a new job?   
    hey forgot to ask you the legit site to the job hunters.... can you please?
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    Gino10 reacted to Santi in Where do you look to find a new job?   
    Hey Gino -
    The gig is very interesting...
    Everyone is super nice, and it seems that they won't alienate me, since I started going to meetings on my first day...
    I felt really comfortable on my first day, so there is a strong possibility I might stay and MAKE THEM LUH ME!
    The job hunters are just another tool that you can use...
    Their job is to match your skills with a job that they have available, and who knows, maybe you'll end up somewhere you will like...
    However, beware of their pay scheme...some are paid by the employer, while others take a bite out of your pay...the company that got me the job does the former, so that is why I am more comfortable...
    Think about it, and I hope you find something where you can get comfortable...
    Much success in your search!

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    Gino10 reacted to Santi in Where do you look to find a new job?   
    True Dat!
    I starting looking for work online and then I networked as well...
    Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, etc
    Checked with my friends to see if they knew somebody anywhere...
    Was referred to Job Hunters and sent my resume to three of them...met with one, and got an Temp-to-hire position at a great company...starting May 1st
    I also use my School's Career Management Services Website to look for new opportunities: I have applied to 6 already, and I am confident I will get interviews in May...

    Meanwhile, I just sit at home, read the FT, and watch CNBC...err day err day err day err day err day err day err day err day...started from the bottom and all that jazz...

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    Gino10 reacted to Tonatiuh in Receiving Ssn In Nj   
    I'm actually from South Jersey but live in Connecticut at the moment nd yeah it took me 1 month to get approve 4 days to get my SSN BUT it takes 3 Months to get the driver license (if you never had one before) !! Aaarrhhhhh I love NJ but I hate it's DMV laws
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    Gino10 reacted to Osha in Boston Bombing Discussion   
    I'm somewhat controversial when it comes to the topic of terrorism and violence, and I love it.
    The biggest terrorist in the world is the United States of America, no question about it!
    What happened in Boston is tragic and there's no excuse for it, but let's get real for a moment. What do you say to the one MILLION Iraqis who lost their lives for nothing or the 1.5 MILLION Vietnamese who died in the Vietnam war? And not to mention the infamous Atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki that wiped out 250.000 or more people in an instant and many more suffered lingering effects of the bomb.
    The United States have been terrorizing the world for past century, and the number of innocent people this country have killed is mind blowing.
    The Boston tragedy is horrible, no innocent life deserve to be taken recklessly regardless of where they live or which god they pray to. Every life is equal in value and no life is more important than the other. No act of violence is excusable and that sure as hell goes for the United States as well.
    Terrorism breeds terrorism and violence breeds violence and for as long as this country continues to wage reckless and worthless wars on other nations, people will rebel and the result will not be pretty.
    We don't know yet the motives behind the Boston attack but whatever the motive is we should stop the hate and the stereotypes...and for god sake stop the drone war!
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    Gino10 got a reaction from Gezinha in Receiving Ssn In Nj   
    yes JoseG i got my social in five days. Applied on Monday; got it on friday... next stop, motor and vehicle office..
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    Gino10 reacted to JoseG in Receiving Ssn In Nj   
    If all goes right, within 7 days.
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    Gino10 got a reaction from LALY86 in Approved Unexpectedly!!   
    I am speechless, cant say anything else than just i got approved! waiting for more than six months finally paid off.... Dont lose hope boys and girls....Recuerden que la fe mueve montanas!!!
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    Gino10 reacted to GcG in My Story   
    Hello everyone my names Gian and I just wanted to share a bit about myself I wish I had signed up earlier but better late than never I suppose.
    I was born in the Philippines, moved to the United Arab Emirates at the age of 2 with my mother to live with my father who had a job working in Dubai. When I turned 13 my family decided to leave for the US to try for an even better life. We arrived in the states in 1997 I was 14 my younger brother was 4.
    From what I know my family tried several ways to get us all documented but lots of problems arose and with that our visas ended up expiring. Living undocumented was a tough ordeal I'm sure many of you know but I remember vividly instances of friends and family getting their drivers licenses for the first time and me just siting there wondering when ill ever be able to even do that.
    It was even harder after high school I just ended up going to a community college for a couple years and due to me not really being motivated due to my situation, I didn't see any way to progress even if I did get a degree, I ended up dropping out. I would spend my time in and out of depression for a couple years trying my best to keep my mind off things by extensively indulging in video games during my down time and helping my mechanic father make ends meet fixing cars.
    I remember hearing about the dream act and being a little skeptical about when it would pass but lo and behold it finally did, so last September my family hired a lawyer to work on both mine and my younger brothers cases Im 29 and he's 19 now. We both filed our cases together and sent them in on October 16th 2012, on November we both got our biometrics done and then on December my brother had his approved I was so happy for him he finally had a life to look forward to it was a joyous Christmas for sure but there was still mine to wait on.
    I knew in my heart that I would be approved, my record was spotless I had more than enough evidence to prove everything they needed but it was the longest few months I probably went through. I never really checked on my case status i figured i would just get annoyed checking on it if nothing was going on. Until around the end of march I got a severe urge to do so, I opened up the uscis website and typed in my receipt number. When I read the status my jaw dropped and saw that it was already on card/document production I screamed out loud for my parents and brother to see and hugged them as hard as i could. All our hard work and sacrifice finally came through I was approved on march 28, 2013 and the card was delivered to me on April 3rd. I turn 30 on the 17th and I couldn't have asked for a better birthday present.
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    Gino10 reacted to chris_oswaldo in Job Searching and more...   
    You should check out
    Lots of job opportunities on there.
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    Gino10 reacted to JamRock in Job Searching and more...   
    Hi Itzel,
    I agree with Angela. This is my story.
    So according to my timeline, I recently got my EAD and still awaiting my SSN. I still did not allow this to stop me. The very next day, I hit up my local mall to start sending out those apps.
    I applied at,
    Lord & Taylor
    Barnes n Noble
    Bath and Body Works

    I've had 3 interviews with Macy's, Lord & Taylor, and Express. I was late for the one at BB because of the rain and public transportation (I know, bad sign and that's why I applied to the mall. Note: I don't have a car so all these places are in the same mall and 7-10 mins away by bus).
    Happy to say, I landed all three jobs; two on the spot. These are my tips:
    Use school extracurricular--I worked in a lab, I was on a Mock Trial Team
    Use internship experiences (even if unpaid)--I interned at a latino cultural center, community center, and law firm
    Use community activities (church, cultural organization)--I helped out in the office at church
    Use sports
    Use teachers, counselors, friends as references--I used friends and family friends. Some applications want to hear what your co-workers have to say about you.

    In the interview
    Make eye contact (very important)
    Make small talk while the interviewer is settling down/shuffling for papers (usually looking for your application)
    In retail, compliment them on something (your necklace is beautiful, nice lip color lol)
    Be confident (sit straight, hands on lap)
    Answer questions directly (don't blibber blabber lol, I tend to do that in everyday convo)

    I have had a lot of interviews and have been to mock interviews so I'm just sharing what I learn.
    Another note: do not settle for less. E.g. I intern at an immigration law firm. I started earlier this year. The position is unpaid. It is a small practice and I am the first "employee." Now, she offered me a position in August and I was excited but nervous at the same time due to my situation. Anyways, I went along and learned a lot about DACA and applied. Then, I waited patiently and prayed for a quick turn around. A couple weeks ago, my employer said that she wanted to pay me $9/hr.
    SAY WHAT!?!
    I was crushed. She is definitely taking advantage of me. Although, I do not have a lot of experience. I know her company in and out and the starting rate for inexperienced legal assistant (my title and position) is $12/hr. Anyways, with my mom's counsel and my own intuition, I gave her my resignation letter last week. She was disappointed but accepted and we're still cool.
    Anyways, long story short, do not allow employers to take advantage of you. You may feel inferior because of your lack of experience but still determine what you will accept and what you won't when applying for a job. Know what the standard rate for different levels of experience is in that industry. Just my personal take!
    I hope this helps and lemme know if you have questions.
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    Gino10 got a reaction from christmastree77 in Ssn Question   
    Yep well said rawf. There is no need to wait, well i am not waiting. Ill be going as soon as i have a chance!
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    Gino10 reacted to Santi in :''( Why God??   
    One thing I did as proof that I was here, was a print out of my phone records, since I did a change of service on the 14th of June, and it appeared on the record.
    Anything that can help you, will.
    I also used Gym receipts, among other things.
    So get the package together, submit more concrete, detailed evidence, and enjoy your approval when it comes...since it will
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    Gino10 reacted to Rawf in transfer credit score from fake ssn to the new ssn.   
    I'm sure it can be done with proper contacts.
    I would be careful though, the fake number could belong to someone else and that would get you in trouble, lot of trouble.
    You can transfer your history from an ITIN to your SSN without issues.
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    Gino10 reacted to Rawf in What about credit? Is it going to be hard to start building up ur credit score ... Any ideas on how to build up ur credit fast ?   
    How about we inform ourselves before saying such things?
    I do not have a ssn and I do own two credit cards. My credit score is above 700 as well.
    All you need is an ITIN.
    So yeah it is possible and NO you do NOT need a SSN.
    Just for the record, one is a visa and the other one is an American Express.
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    Gino10 reacted to pswa83 in What about credit? Is it going to be hard to start building up ur credit score ... Any ideas on how to build up ur credit fast ?   
    there is no FAST and EASY way to build credit. it takes time and patience and VERY VERY good money management. it also takes a lot of responsibility. if you plan to open a credit card, buy things, then not pay for what you bought, you're basically stealing.
    this is one article that i read when it come to establishing credit. i think it's useful.
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    Gino10 reacted to YMG in License & IDs by State.   
    Thanks! I checked DMV from my state (NJ) and I found out that when you'r e older than 17 but younger than 21 you have to get probatory license. With this probatory license you have to practice unsupervised driving for a least a year before obtaining the basic drivers license.
    This probatory license has these restrictions:

    Display a reflectorized decal on each license plate (front/back); decals available at motor vehicle agencies, $4 per pair
    No driving after 11:01 p.m. and before 5:00 a.m.
    Parent(s), guardian(s) or dependant(s) are allowed as passengers. A dependant is a permit or probationary driver's child, not siblings
    Only one additional passenger is allowed unless accompanied by a parent or guardian
    You can't use cell phones, hand held video games or any other hands-free interactive, wireless communication device

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    Gino10 got a reaction from engineer2mike in :''( Why God??   
    i have a feeling it's a mistake then. It's not the first time they have made other mistakes. Wait and see what the letter says. Dont panic...keep positive!!
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    Gino10 got a reaction from engineer2mike in :''( Why God??   
    i have a feeling it's a mistake then. It's not the first time they have made other mistakes. Wait and see what the letter says. Dont panic...keep positive!!
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    Gino10 got a reaction from engineer2mike in :''( Why God??   
    i have a feeling it's a mistake then. It's not the first time they have made other mistakes. Wait and see what the letter says. Dont panic...keep positive!!
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    Gino10 reacted to Rawf in Ssn Question   
    No need to wait, that was at the beginning when the operators at the ssn center were not familiar with the process.
    You can go the next day if wanted.
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    Gino10 got a reaction from j_r602 in Approved Unexpectedly!!   
    dont stop insisting,; give it a couple of weeks! Also try infopass, where u can personally visit an immigration office and talk to representative face to face. He'll help u with sending a letter request. Dress properly! Good luck!
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    Gino10 reacted to Silva_panda in Approved!!!!!!!! :d Well I Think???   
    Yay I've been approved!!!!!!!!! Well I think??? Someone help?????
    On April 3, 2013, we ordered production of your new card. Please allow 30 days for your card to be mailed to you. If we need something from you we will contact you. If you move before you receive the card, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.