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  1. First day on the job today!

  2. There are grants and scholarships available for students who qualify for DACA. I did not see a post that pertain to this topic so sorry if one already exist but I want everyone to be informed to the utmost. I can speak for my two alma maters: Oakton Community College (state grants) University if Illinois at Chicago (Dream Scholarship) Both of these are in the Chicago area. Do you know about these in your state? List them and include a link if you can!
  3. Job Searching and more...

    Another thing came to me lol (even after my lil Pulitzer Price essay above ), Itzel, have you had a career center look over your resume. I'm going to do that this Tuesdday and this is about the 3rd or 4th time I've had my resume revamped! If you get a good career counselor they help you think of things that you didn't even remember you did. Sometimes when I come out after speaking with someone, I look at my new resume and say, "who is that chick? that ain't me lol!"
  4. Marriage vs. DACA

    Hay clientes en la bufete que trabajo que estan cansados y esta aplicando para DACA porque los resultos es mas rapido k el proceso del I130 y I485 (la mica).
  5. Job Searching and more...

    Hi Itzel, I agree with Angela. This is my story. So according to my timeline, I recently got my EAD and still awaiting my SSN. I still did not allow this to stop me. The very next day, I hit up my local mall to start sending out those apps. I applied at, Macy's Lord & Taylor Barnes n Noble Express Bath and Body Works I've had 3 interviews with Macy's, Lord & Taylor, and Express. I was late for the one at BB because of the rain and public transportation (I know, bad sign and that's why I applied to the mall. Note: I don't have a car so all these places are in the same mall and 7-10 mins away by bus). Happy to say, I landed all three jobs; two on the spot. These are my tips: Use school extracurricular--I worked in a lab, I was on a Mock Trial Team Use internship experiences (even if unpaid)--I interned at a latino cultural center, community center, and law firm Use community activities (church, cultural organization)--I helped out in the office at church Use sports Use teachers, counselors, friends as references--I used friends and family friends. Some applications want to hear what your co-workers have to say about you. In the interview Make eye contact (very important) Make small talk while the interviewer is settling down/shuffling for papers (usually looking for your application) In retail, compliment them on something (your necklace is beautiful, nice lip color lol) Be confident (sit straight, hands on lap) Answer questions directly (don't blibber blabber lol, I tend to do that in everyday convo) I have had a lot of interviews and have been to mock interviews so I'm just sharing what I learn. Another note: do not settle for less. E.g. I intern at an immigration law firm. I started earlier this year. The position is unpaid. It is a small practice and I am the first "employee." Now, she offered me a position in August and I was excited but nervous at the same time due to my situation. Anyways, I went along and learned a lot about DACA and applied. Then, I waited patiently and prayed for a quick turn around. A couple weeks ago, my employer said that she wanted to pay me $9/hr. SAY WHAT!?! I was crushed. She is definitely taking advantage of me. Although, I do not have a lot of experience. I know her company in and out and the starting rate for inexperienced legal assistant (my title and position) is $12/hr. Anyways, with my mom's counsel and my own intuition, I gave her my resignation letter last week. She was disappointed but accepted and we're still cool. Anyways, long story short, do not allow employers to take advantage of you. You may feel inferior because of your lack of experience but still determine what you will accept and what you won't when applying for a job. Know what the standard rate for different levels of experience is in that industry. Just my personal take! I hope this helps and lemme know if you have questions.
  6. Coming Out Once APPROVED

    I don't think it will change a thing. Once approved, I will continue to live my life in more fulfilled way but I personally don't think it warrants me to tell anyone anything if it's not their business meaning that the person who wants to know is not a well wisher or I'm not close to them like that. Ironically, I help other DACA students with their apps and although sometimes I want to share my own story, I can't mostly because it's a professional environment. In my view, the people who didn't know before don't need to know now.
  7. applied for my ssn today Another wait, already got a couple job offers

    1. itzel


      Congrats on the job offers!!!

    2. Raul
  8. got my EAD in the mail today (beware, they use your biometrics pic instead of the pictures you sent, major bummer, lol). Gonna get those digits from Uncle Sam tomorrow! Gluck everyone

    1. Santi


      Nice! Future is looking bright ;)

    2. Rh_ny


      Great, Congrats !!

    3. mayra


      congrats! how long did it take for u to receive your EAD?

  9. SSN experience

    Okay! Wish me luck tomorrow. I'm going to fill mine out and apply at my local office tomorrow.
  10. Lol. Some tips: visit your local career services from the school that you are attending or graduated from. They will be happy to help.
  11. my name is Raul, i'm new here.

    Thanks, Sinae! I was thinking the same thing. There is no figuring out how these people work lol
  12. accidentally deleted some friends..aha pretty buttons. sorry, i'm loopy

  13. Get them digits! Apply for fellowships and sign up for the G to the R to the E.yay