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  1. Boston Bombing Discussion

    Set up !! False flags alarms! Everything we know is fake Welcome to the new world order people ....
  2. I know a lot of unproductive piece of sht people most of them African Americans nd Puerto Ricans that posses ZERO skills at anything nd expect to get payed a boat load of money,unproductive piece of sht people do nothing but bitch about everything sit at home nd live under warfare checks . Since I came to this great nation I been working my ass (14) started to work at a French fry place after school instead of hanging around,I had to stay in the library to translate all my tasks from English to Spanish,go over my day with my ESL teacher,after library I had to go to work by bus by taxy lot of times even walking under the rain,snow or 100 degrees under the sun. Came home almost at 1am go to sleep nd same routine over nd over till I graduated from high school. After high school I was devastated when I knew that I was not gonna be able to go to college cuzz of my status so I had no more option than to keep working,without papers got involved in the apparel business thanks to tutorials on YouTube nd lot of reading in google nd Wikipedia learned about business nd graphic design,fall of 2012 applied for my working permit winter of 2012 got my working permit SSN nd Driving permit(next month I'm getting my license) 2013 partner up with the apparel company that I used to work,we just opened 5 new locations 45 total nd one of the things that really piss me off is to see LEGAL unproductive people bitching doing nothing but destroying this great nation with their arrogance nd laziness. I was 14 when i came,now I'm 23 with a successful life nd future in front of me. Amen ...
  3. Monday Explosions in Boston Tuesday mysterious letter was gonna poisson Obama & immigration reform was launched Wednesday Texas explosion & talks about immigration reform Thursday they found who did the thing in Boston & talks about immigration reform Friday they killed one suspect now they're hunting the other one & talks about immigration reform God help nd protect us this Saturday And Sunday
  4. @Roadrunner11 Was in Google News this morning!
  5. I know I know agree with u guys,my bad I'm just frustrated sick nd tired of all the BS going on in this country since Monday :/
  6. Unreal !!!!!!! Fckng unreal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so unfair for Latinos !!! The only crime I ever made was being born in the wrong side of the border Really hope that those Russians & Arabs won't affect immigrationg reform
  7. Bank of America !!!! Put $300 to $500 down get a secure card with in 6 months your secure card will become a credit card nd you gonna get you $300 or $500 back ! I only have 2 months left !!!! U guys should do it
  8. Totally know how u feel bro !! High school I won't never forget that feeling all my classmates back then talking about what college they gonna go nd there was me hiding always trying to avoid their questions ... Sad life of the immigrant in the USA
  9. Hello

    Wish u the best buddy !!!! Things should be fine my case only took a month I guess I was just lucky .... Btw welcome to the Latino World.
  10. I couldn't have said any better than that ยก! (High Five)
  11. Receiving Ssn In Nj

    I'm actually from South Jersey but live in Connecticut at the moment nd yeah it took me 1 month to get approve 4 days to get my SSN BUT it takes 3 Months to get the driver license (if you never had one before) !! Aaarrhhhhh I love NJ but I hate it's DMV laws
  12. Connecticut ?? Anyone ??

    ...... Sigh
  13. Connecticut ?? Anyone ??

    Albany NY for real? Always thought that all dreamers from the east coast live in NY