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    so, it got me thinking when i was looking at cars and a few other things, that how i am suppose to buy a car with not a lot of money in the back and no credit. so i googled "how to build credit fast". this article came up and i found it very useful on how to do so. it's pretty easy to understand. there are no extreme measures that anyone needs to take. just use common sense. i figure once i have a job, i can start building credit using the steps that this person has outlined. happy reading. hope its helpful http://rethinkriches.hubpages.com/hub/How-to-Build-Your-Credit-Score-from-0-to-700-in-6-Months
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    The receipt number is one of the most commonly used numbers, by immigrants and lawyers alike, to track the progress or identify a particular immigration case or filing. These receipt numbers start with three letters and follow by a series of numbers, for example EAC-06-123-45678. Here is how to understand what the numbers mean. The first three letters indicate the USCIS service center which is processing the petition, as follows: - EAC - Vermont Service Center; - WAC - California Service Center; - LIN - Nebraska Service Center; and - SRC - Texas Service Center. The next two digits represent the fiscal year in which USCIS received the petition. In the example above, “06″ means that the petition was received by USCIS during Fiscal Year 2006. The next three digits represent the computer workday on which the receipt was processed and the fee was taken. Finally, the last five digits are used to identify uniquely the petition filed. Source: http://www.cilawgroup.com/news/2008/07/21/receipt-numbers-explained-lin-src-eac-wac/
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    I got an RFE ):

    That's unfortunate, if you had a feeling about that happening you should of have gathered more documents to send along. But now, just follow the instructions on what they need and try backing everything up.
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    Let's Have a Cash Competition?

    im in for drawing... but if gangnam style wins, i'll consider...luna.
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    Let's Have a Cash Competition?

    Lets do a drawing contest
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    Let's Have a Cash Competition?

    Whatever it may be, I want to participate!
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    Let's Have a Cash Competition?

    How about an essay with our story living as an undocumented kid and what we would do if we had legal papers? Just another idea!
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    Walked in today at the ASC in Riverside, Security asked me if I had an appointment. I didn't tell her anything, I just gave her my Biometrics letter, she looked at it and asked me for ID, I gave her my Matricula Consular. She then gave me a clipboard with a sheet on it and told me to fill it out and wait for my number to be called. There were only about 6 people in there, got done in less than 15 minutes. No problems at all.
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    I got mine done today at the ASC in Elizabeth, NJ. You walk in and show the guard your biometrics appt letter and your identification. Then, he/she gives you a form to fill out & also makes sure you turn off your phone. You fill out the top and it's basic information, your alien registration # and your receipt numbers. You show the guard that you completed the form, then you walk to the receptionist line. This line is a bit longer but at that time, it took about 10-15 minutes to get to the desk. The receptionist at the desk writes in a few details on the form you filled out, looks at your ID, asks to look at your hands, then staples on a ticket with a number on it. NOTE: They were adamant about minors being accompanied by an adult, so plan that accordingly. Next, you wait in the biometrics wing at a seat until your number is called. When your number is called, you proceed to an area in the room. The technician asks for you to approve the info they have on record. Then, he asks you to sign an electronic notepad. Next, he sprays alcohol on your hands and takes 10 prints, and an extra one of your right index finger. After each finger, on the corner it'll say either pass or rejected. Once all of that is set, you sit down to have your picture taken for the EAD. After all of that, you're done and the technician might ask you to fill out a customer service questionnaire and drop it off. Then, you can go home and endure the hardest part: the wait