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  1. I called USCIS hotline today to inquire about what paperwork would be sufficient to establish ones identity. I was informed that any document not in english, such as birth certificates, need to be notarized and translated. I also inquired if a mexican consulate id was sufficient and I was told it was as long as the id is government issued. In other words, start getting your birth certificates translated if you havent done so yet and make sure to have some type of id. I also asked about passports but was told that if needed that information would be released the 15th. Good luck to everyone.
  2. Got my DACA renewal approved today!!! Card in the mail!!!

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    2. itzel


      Thanks girls. Keep your chin up Bahama Girl, if it gets very difficult, I'd suggest speaking to an officer at USCIS, I've spoken to them before when I've felt my case was taking too long and they are helpful.

    3. outofmxny
    4. lapancha77


      Congrats !!! did you have to go into unlawful presence? dose you renewal start when your old one expires?

      Sorry for all the questions I'm just worried about my case I haven't heard anything I went to my biometrics on 8/6 and I don't want to go into unlawful presence as I would lose my job that I really love.

  3. I also remember when I first applied in 2012, there was a lot of talk of getting it notarized. Seems it'd help the validity of the document
  4. @jessevigil: I did it by myself. More affordable that way & I didn't have problems the first time.
  5. Car Loans

    I was approved for DACA in Oct 2012 and had the same problem applying for car loans due to lack of credit. I bought a used car wish cash in hand. I also recommend going to local used car places, they may be more willing to work with you. Hope this helps.
  6. Help ! Confused

    Be patient, remember a lot of us that applied for DACA in 2012 are now applying for renewal soo that wait may be a little longer...
  7. Received biometrics appointment for DACA renewal for July 10th

    1. roadrunner11


      oh good to know! I hope mine comes soon itzel!

    2. itzel


      It will roadrunner!! I was very surprised at how fast I got the date.

  8. Biometrics Appointment Letter

    It also depends on your service center. I applied for my renewal for DACA on June 9th, they got it June 11th ( I expedited it). I received email & text with receipt # on June 13th. I got physical letters with same info June 17th. On June 23rd I got biometrics appointment for July 10th. Hope this helps.
  9. @holdingon2promise: Seems there is a confusion, I never said you said it would be the DREAMER's fault if they didn't renew on time. I made that as a general comment that it is not our fault if USCIS doesn't go through our application on time. When you say, "People can get caught up in life and may not realize time is running out. As a premed student I would never remember... Ever"...I understand people get caught up with things, but something as important as renewing your EAD in order to work and study should be at the top of your list. There are calendar apps that can remind you of important events. I work full time at a law firm and am also a pre med student attempting to get into the surgical field and want to continue on this path, so I have made it a priority to stay on top of these dates. Hope you receive your EAD very soon...
  10. DACA renewal package was accepted..countdown begins.. this after receiving email and text from USCIS!!!!

    1. itzel


      I forgot to add it was accepted Friday June 13th, 2 days after I sent it =)

    2. Heisenberg2
  11. You can try and blur it out but just remember it may raise a few more questions. Do you still have contact with a manager at that old place you used to work with? if so, if its only for verification purposes, there should be no problem with them verifying with that manager. Just make sure to stress out to that manager to please not disclose your SS#.
  12. From what I recall reading on the USCIS website, as long as you sent in your renewal package in the time they recommended.......if theres a back log that is not our fault, and our EAD expires, you can keep on's what they have on their website: If your previous period of deferred action expires before you receive a renewal of deferred action under DACA, you will accrue unlawful presence and will not be authorized to work for any time between the periods of deferred action. For this reason, USCIS encourages you to submit your request for renewal 120 days before your current period of deferred action under DACA expires. BUT......... Note: If USCIS is unexpectedly delayed in processing your renewal request, we may provide deferred action and employment authorization for a short period of time until we finish processing your request. We may do this if you filed your request at least 120 days before your current period of deferred action and employment authorization expire. This is why I sent my renewal package close to the 4 month mark to bypass this paperwork b*^$#*%t.
  13. Are Dreamers Considered Legal Residents?

    Up to where I know DACA doesn't give us any type of "status". We are neither citizens, temporary or permanent residents. I got my EAD in Oct. 2012 and have been working since then. I applied for TASFA and have been getting about $2000 per semester, excluding summer semesters. I'll be done with my basics this fall 2014 and entering my desired program in March 2015. Hope this helps.
  14. Renewing Daca

    Biometrics are annoying in the sense we have to take 1/2 a day to a full day of work off to go do.The last time I was in & out in 20 minutes. I'll be asking for 1/2 a day.
  15. Official Daca Renewal Released

    And don't forget they want copy of your current EAD front & if they don't have it in the system....
  16. Work Permit Authentication

    When I first applied in 2012 they were a bit strict about waiting 10 days to apply for your SS card..I think I waited minimum 4 days. Its an issue of letting the left hand get caught up with what the right hand is doing.
  17. Official Daca Renewal Released

    Hi Jose. I find it so annoying they want pics again...have no idea why...but I'm annoyed
  18. DACA renewal docs ready to be FEDEX on Monday June 9!!!!

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    2. Gezinha
    3. lapancha77


      Hi itzel so happy for you... I remember two years ago when you where nervous because you didn't get helped from a lawyer and you thought they where taking for ever jajaj and look at us now !!!

    4. itzel


      I don't quite remember the lawyer part lapanch77 since I've always filled out my forms by myself to save myself the $ and time of a "middle" guy. I didn't they took forever since I received my DACA 55 days after applying, but thanks for remembering me. Hope you're doing good.

  19. Hi Everyone!!! Havent been online as often as I'd and getting ready for school has kept me occupied. Approval from DACA is guarenteed to open many new doors and possibilites for all.. Well, heres what this post is about...taxes... This is my first legal job ever, before DACA I worked under the table and never filed taxes... Well this job, every paycheck withdraws taxes... Ive been reading up on doing taxes and the different categories..nonresiden and resident.. DACA didnt provide us with any type of legal status, however Publication 519, the US Tax Guide released by the IRS, categorizes us as resident aliens because of the time we've been here (page 5).. They even have this little table that helps you determine what to file under.. I will be filing as a resident as indicated by Publication 519 because of the time I've been here in the US, I mean we obviously had to meet that requirement to get qualified for DACA.. For any Android users, theres a free app called "TaxCaster" from Turbo Tax and gives you an estimate of how much you'd be getting back..its really user friendly.. Now all I have to wait is for my W2 from my employer at the end of Jan. and get back some of those taxes... Heres the link to Publication 519: Any questions/comments feel free to do so..we're here to help each other out and Im sure I can learn something new.... Itzel...
  20. Applied for a scholarship in April, just got news I got it!! Keep it coming =)

  21. Good Car Insurance For Daca Approved Person

    I tried State Farm and they weren't too bad on me since i got added to my bf's insurance. It was only $35 more per month.
  22. I was approved yesterday but I thought I should bring up the number of texts one receives from USCIS regarding ones case. I kid you not, Up to today at 616pm (mountain time) I have received 6 texts from USCIS regarding my case. One that the DACA was approved Two that Ive been approved for an EAD Three that they sent out the DACA approval notice in the mail Four that my EAD was being printed Five that EAD would be mailed Six that EAD has been picked up by USPS and should arrive within 7 days Thanks for the info USCIS, but receiving soo many texts from you worried me and made me scared checking my status that maybe you changed your mind and denied my DACA and EAD This is just a heads up for anyone else that receives "multiple" texts, to not worry. It seems USCIS can be very precise at times..
  23. I know there are different groups, but of all the groups you listed, most of us/them are immigrants. I am referring to the US citizens born here...
  24. I agree with the generalizations part, but I can't help but still want to generalize some white (trash) dare I say the word trash???? US citizens who have all the privileges we dream of having (citizenship, work immediately upon turning 16, apply for federal finacial aid, get DL at 16, etc...) and dont value it and instead prefer to get in line for welfare and are accusing us illegals of coming over to do just that...sorry personal rant here..but its true...
  25. I also believe it will have a negative impact on CIR, my question would be, did they first enter the country with student visas? If so, I thinkt the # of student visas may then be limited on the CIR bill..great timing assh****....