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  1. Official Approval Thread - EAD And DACA

    congrats! Let us know when the physical card gets to your house.
  2. I got an RFE ):

    GUYS apparently I forgot to attach the I-765 WS. That was the form that asked for your expenses and why you needed the work permit. I'm so relieved, but at the same time I thought I included it. lol. I just hope when I send it back, I'm not thrown to the end of the pile.
  3. I got an RFE ):

  4. Prospective College DREAMERS

    Wow, you're lucky . My dad plans on paying for my entire college tuition, but I want to lighten the load. I made an account on fastweb and cappex and have been searching. They're both helpful sites!
  5. I got an RFE ):

    *she lol. yup september 14th, the assigned date. not a walk-in
  6. I got an RFE ):

    I sent a copy of my passport, I-94, my middle school report cards and standardized test scores (I think from 07'-10''), and my attendance record (to prove presence on June 15th). I can't remember if I sent my freshman and sophomore year report cards. I'm guessing I either need to prove I'm still in school, they couldn't interpret my attendance record, or I didn't send enough evidence for the 5 years of continuously residing here.
  7. I got an RFE ):

    Thanks guys. Yeah, hopefully it is something simple.
  8. I got an RFE ):

    So I was checking my case status as usual and this comes up: On September 26, 2012, we mailed a notice requesting initial evidence in this case. Please follow the instructions on the notice to submit the evidence requested. Meanwhile, processing of this case is on hold until we either receive the evidence or the opportunity to submit it expires. Once you submit the evidence requested and a decision is made, you will be notified by mail. If you move while this case is pending, please use our Change of Address online tool to update your case with your new address or call our customer service center at 1-800-375-5283. I had a gut feeling this would happen since I know more people who had way more evidence than me. I guess I'll see what I get in the mail. I just hope they process my case right when I send them back whatever they want.
  9. Prospective College DREAMERS

    I think you have to have gone to high school there to get in-state tuition, right? We don't have that in New Jersey Student loans would definitely help, and I too am hoping we can get them. Hopefully federal student loans, since they'll be easier to pay back. Are you attending community or a 4-year?
  10. Official Vermont Approval or Pending Thread

    These are the ones I know of so far. They're from a different forum 10. Will_con – 24 days APPLICATION SENT: 08/21/2012 SERVICE CENTER: VERMONT I-797C NOTICE: 08/31/2012 BIOMETRICS: 09/11/2012 APPROVAL: 09/17/2012 11. Sillyme – 24 days APPLICATION SENT: 08/23/2012 SERVICE CENTER: VERMONT I-797C NOTICE: 9/04/2012 BIOMETRICS: 09/07/2012 APPROVAL: 09/17/2012 30. Alex Qa - 25 days APPLICATION SENT: 08/27/2012 SERVICE CENTER: VERMONT I-797C NOTICE: 09/04/2012 BIOMETRICS: 09/12/2012 APPROVAL: 09/21/2012 37. Hulkster - 34 days APPLICATION SENT: 08/17/2012 SERVICE CENTER: VERMONT I-797C NOTICE: 08/28/2012 BIOMETRICS: 09/12/2012 APPROVAL: 09/21/2012 39. Melt - 34 DAYS APPLICATION SENT: 8/20/2012 SERVICE CENTER: VERMONT I-797C NOTICE: 08/27/2012 BIOMETRICS: 09/12/2012 APPROVAL: 09/24/2012 40. Dargwe - 34 days APPLICATION SENT: 8/20/2012 SERVICE CENTER: VERMONT I-797C NOTICE: Did not arrive BIOMETRICS: 09/12/2012 APPROVAL: 09/24/2012 44. Bsalazar - 38 days APPLICATION SENT: 08/16/2012 SERVICE CENTER: VERMONT I-797C NOTICE: ???????? BIOMETRICS: 09/11/2012 APPROVAL: 09/24/2012 45. Dreambigorgohome - 35 Days APPLICATION SENT: 08/20/2012 SERVICE CENTER: VERMONT I-797C NOTICE: 08/27/2012 BIOMETRICS: 09/12/2012 APPROVAL: 09/25/2012 46. Basagirl82 - 30 days APPLICATION SENT: 08/24/2012 SERVICE CENTER: VERMONT I-797C NOTICE: 8/30/2012 BIOMETRICS: 09/12/2012 APPROVAL: 09/24/2012
  11. Prospective College DREAMERS

    Hey Dreamers! As our opportunities begin to grow with deferred action, I was wondering if any of you are high school seniors or are planning to pursue a college degree. I know we can't get federal financial aid, but can we qualify for work study programs or in-state tuition? What do you all plan to do to offset the cost of an inevitably high tuition rate?
  12. http://www.dmv.ri.gov/documents/forms/license/LI-1.pdf It seems like an ead & a ssn should be enough to prove identity in rhode island
  13. That worries me a lot . I said that I needed to save up for college and I hope that's enough. Also, do you guys know if DACA recipients under 18 have to provide other documentation or maybe have their parents be legal?
  14. I'm not sure. All I know is that it was a live streaming at some point.
  15. Hi guys! This is a rather long video but explains thoroughly what's going on within USCIS and what we can expect later on. Many of your questions may be addressed in the press conference. http://www.c-span.or...v&start=269.238