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  1. My EAD moved to Card Production today and I saw it while I was in school and I nearly cried. I'm so happy!

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    2. Jasmine2013
    3. Mee


      Congrats what service center is this at? When did you send your app?

    4. MoniqueMelissa


      Thanks guys! I got a text message from them around 2ish and then I checked online. It was weird because I didn't get a text for any of the other steps and today I just randomly got the card production message. It was originally sent to Vermont on October 5th and I did my Biometrics on Nov 9th and on Feb 20th it was transferred to Nebraska.

  2. Ugh I just turned 19 and now I don't have health insurance. I get sick too often to not have health insurance.

  3. First time I ever went to a party and it's my birthday. Although I don't appreciate the drugs and the fact I had to use my passport to get in, letting go for a night was something I needed.

  4. It always amazes me how little most people know about immigration, how it works and undocumented immigrants. I think that people should be educated about it.

    1. Rawf
    2. engineer2mike


      That makes two of us!!

    3. Osha


      Exactly agree with you.

  5. Got A Transfer Letter!!

    I got one on the 20th and on Monday I got a text message saying it was officially transferred. I just hope things get faster now.
  6. Time Lines What's Yours??!!

    My application just got transferred from Vermont to Nebraska. It's weird but here's my timeline.
  7. What an eventful night. I witness racism via the police and now I know that good cop/bad cop is totally real.

  8. I hate everything and I really need someone to talk to.

    1. Calidreamer


      No girl gate it's such a harsh feeling! Although very passionate

    2. Calidreamer
    3. erika020


      whenever you need someone to talk to send me a message :) not the best at giving advises, but definitely a good listener ^_^

  9. Did anyone else's application get transferred to another office? I'm really concerned i got like 4 text messages and emails about it.

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    2. EL_Aviles


      goodluck and safe on your case.

    3. EL_Aviles


      goodluck and safe on your case.

    4. jimenezerika


      my sister inlaw got her application sent to NC so i guess its normal maybe theres too much applications and there trying to get them approve faster.. well lets hope yall get approve faster now that there transferred to local USCIS offices :)

  10. ASDFGHJKL I was so excited because I finally got that stupid text message. Turns out the just sent it to a different processing place.

    1. splif0clock


      at least you heard something back from them, but I am sure you'd hear some type of response from them soon.

    2. MoniqueMelissa


      Yeah but it's weird it sounds like if they're resetting my start date because they transferred it to another office.

  11. Okay I've tried being chill about it. I want my approval now :/

    1. splif0clock


      u should be studying :P not worry about it :)

  12. Do DACA students get financial aid?

    I haven't checked since November last year but for NYC students, we don't qualify for financial aid. Currently they're trying to pass an act kind of like the California Dream Act in NYC which will allow us to eventually get financial aid, but we'll see. As for CUNY's, I think they do give financial aid to undocumented students. The lady I spoke too wasn't clear but I think you also have to have good grades to get it. You should call to verify. Good luck!
  13. I never actually have plans but the one weekend I make legit plans, there's a blizzard.

    1. splif0clock


      lol the weather is hating on your plan. Don't let it stop you.

    2. MoniqueMelissa
  14. I've officially gone down to checking my status three times a week instead of every 4 hours lol.

    1. marco12


      u should download the app

    2. Admin
  15. School has officially kept me from obsessing over the fact I haven't been approved yet. :/

    1. latinagirl


      yes I know is hard not to think about been approved soon this center are getting so slow and is not it helps when you call and check on your case because they tell you that your case still under the time frame 4 to 6 months :(

    2. MoniqueMelissa


      Yeah it sucks :( I wish they'll move faster

    3. latinagirl