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  1. Does Anyone Know

    if you are in CA, then there is the Dream Act for undocumented students. in order to qualify you will have needed to have attended a CA high school for 3 years and have had graduated from a CA high school. you will also need to go to the admissions office of the school you want to attend (has to be a CA juco or cc or univesity) and have the admissions office verify your AB540 status before you can enroll and pay in-state tuition. you can also apply for the BOG wavier which should take care of your tuition. you can also rent textbooks from or other sites and that will help with the cost of books as well.
  2. i dont think you'll be able to apply because you left the US in 2007 and were gone till 2011. one of the requirements, and it's important, is to prove residency in the US from june 2007 to june 2012 (f not later) since you were gone for the majority of that time, you will be denied
  3. if you have family in CA, i would go there to get a DL. they dont ask for address verification or anything like that. all you need is your EAD and to know your SSN. dont need to show the actual SSN card. you would just use your family's CA address and you'd be good to go. that way when you do go back to AZ and if you get stopped while driving, you just say that you're visiting. from what i understand, there are no loopholes in the AZ law. the DMV will look at your EAD to verify the category and if they see that it say "33" like it does on our EADs then they will deny you a DL/ID, no matter what DMV office you go to.
  4. even though you're helping her, i would have her read and go over the applications after you filled them out but BEFORE she signs them to make sure that all her info is correct. also, i wouldnt fill out the preparers info, in my opinion, it would cause too much confusion is something were to go wrong.
  5. is your case open or closed now? either way, it would be best to include all the records from the case in your evidence so that USCIS doesnt issue you a RFE.
  6. Do You Carry???

    if you already have a state ID or DL, then there is no need for you to carry your EAD with you at any time. only when you are offered and accept a job offer, and doing the initial paperwork for the job will you need to show your EAD. there have been too many people who have lost their EADs because they carry it around with them. one SHOULD NEVER, EVER carry their EAD and SSN with them. if they are lost or stolen you will need to pay the $380 fee again in order to get another one. also, if you do lose your SSN, you need to put a hold on it with the SSA in order to assure that no one else can use it.
  7. If Denied ...

    if you get denied, first you need to make sure the reason why. if it was an admin error on part of the USCIS, then one can apply and will not have to pay the $465 again however, if one is denied and it reason was the fault of the applicant (lack of evidence or such) then one can reapply but would still need to pay the $465 again. what is best, is to make sure that you have all the main requirements of DACA met. remember that you can not use affidavits for the main requirements. one can use affidavits to cover small gaps of time within the 5 year period between 2007 to 2012. even if it takes a while, it is always better to send as a complete evidence package as possible to avoid receiving a RFE. there have been new reports that people have used video gaming logs such as from XBOX as evidence. so take the time to look into every avenue possible in gathering evidence.
  8. Almost A Month And Still Waiting?

    calling would be faster. it can take at least 2 weeks in order to get a response back if you email them. make sure you have the correct date in which the RFE was received by your lawyer and the date that your lawyer sent it out. also, how did your lawyer send it? priority mail with confirmation or just regular mail? it should have been sent priority mail with confirmation.
  9. seeing how it hasnt even been a yr yet since DACA first come into effect, the whole renewal process is yet to be seen. i do not see the point of submitting all the same evidence we did when we first applied. we may need to provide evidence for the 2 yr time period in which we were first approved. also, the possibility of the funding being cut for DACA is a little unrealistic just because there is no one department within the USCIS that is solely dedicated for DACA applications. therefore, the funding for it can not be cut unless the USCIS as a whole closes.
  10. Looking For Job

    any important key to job hunting is to follow up on the job applications and resumes that you have sent. call about 2 days after you filled out the application or sent a resume and simply state your name and that you were just touching base on the application you filled out or the resume you dropped off. if you have the time and the places are local, try going in person with a resume and asking to see the manager and introduce yourself and ask if they will take your resume. a lot of the times, filing out a job application online just sends the application into the human resource black hole and not to the individual store you want to work out. so put yourself out there and remember that it is a very competitive job market. it's not only us looking for work but so many others as well.
  11. there are 2 approval letters that you need. the approval letter for the I-821D and the approval letter for the I-765. they will look similar to each other except for the fact that they are for different applications. the letter that the EAD card is attached to when it is received in the mail, is NOT the approval letter. it is just a letter explaining the EAD card. most likely you will need both approval letters for either renewing DACA, if and when the time comes, or if and when reform passes you may need to show that you have been approved for DACA. if you have not received the approval letter for the EAD, all you need to do is call USCIS and state that you never received the I-797 for your approved I-765 and ask for it to be sent again.
  12. If Denied ...

    no, you dont get your money back.
  13. true, conviction is what they care about but you will still need to provide the paperwork of your arrest and that they case was dismissed. doing this will prevent USCIS from issuing a RFE and thus delaying your application. i would explain that you were arrest, what for and that the case was dismissed, provide the according paperwork and include it all in your application
  14. if your name on your BC and/or passport matches the name on your EAD, then no, you shouldnt be worried. there are many of us who either have 2 last names or such who have used shorten names in school or other things. but for USCIS purposes, they go on what is stated on your BC/passport. So, from now on for legal purposes (DL/ID, SSN, etc) you will need to use the name on your EAD assuming that it matches your BC/passport.
  15. Damn Republicans!!!!!!

    what reading some post of other forums and came across this. saw it on Univision but decided to do a little more research on it. apparently there is a group of Republicans that would want undocumented people to go to court, plead guilty to EWI,and be placed on probation BEFORE even applying to adjust status. wondering why and/if this would effect future plans in terms of applying for jobs, etc. by law, you would have to disclose that information. thoughts???
  16. 2 Totally Different Questions

    if it was just the I-797C, the Approval letter, then you dont need to pay again. what is the status of your I-765?? approved? denied? no decision yet?
  17. Lincoln Academy Daca Approval

    when did you apply? and have you been issued a RFE?
  18. Petition For Alien Relative While Going Through Daca

    seeing how the cases and categories are 2 different things, they would have no barring on each other. i have an approved I-130 (through my mother) and it didnt affect DACA in any way. help or hurt. what DACA may help with, depending on how you entered the country is once your approved for DACA, you can apply for AP, leave the country and LEGALLY re-enter the US. this will help because it shows you LEGALLY entered the country on such and such date. have you placed any service request or called to find out what the hold up is?
  19. I-797E Now What?

    your lawyer isnt the one who HAS to submit the response to the RFE. your lawyer will get the RFE letter but you should see it in person to understand what it says and also get a copy for YOUR records, not your lawyers. also, mail the RFE yourself, with the evidence YOU want to be sent because sometimes lawyers dont mail it when they say they do and some have even not mailed all the evidence the client has given them. if you can go pick up the letter from your lawyer. they cant keep it from you.
  20. Rfe!??????

    make sure you make a copy of the RFE letter before you send it back just for your personal file. and of the evidence you sent too. that way if anything happens, you have proof of what you sent. also send it priority mail with delivery confirmation. this will tell you when it gets there and USCIS should update your online status a few days after they get it.
  21. i heard it as an "internal meeting" to discuss whether or not to even allow it on the floor. dont know, lots of pressure, hopefully they do something.
  22. it is up to the person who processes your application not the office in general.
  23. would be very interesting to know if any one else has my name, hmmmmmm
  24. Is It Safe To Work In A Airport?

    depending on what company you work for, they will have different requirements for employment. you should google the company she works for and look at the requirements.