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  1. got my ID and DL today! :)

    1. Calidreamer
    2. Dreamer81


      That's great congrats :)

  2. How long does the DMV take to mail you California ID/DL?

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    2. Rawf


      In most states it takes about a week or less, but it can take up to 30 days if I'm not mistaken. But you have the temp paper they gave you right? that's good enough :P

    3. splif0clock


      i really don't get why they have to mail them when they could just print them and hand them out at the dmv. DC dmv charged me 45$ for dl and $30 for my lp and it was given to me at the location.

    4. erickLa


      thanks for the info... yes, i have the temp paper........

  3. passed behind the wheel test got my Temporary driver license... also got a job today.... thank you God! Gracias a Dios..

  4. Does any one know for how many years you get issued a CA driver license?

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    2. erickLa


      well i guess i got mine for a year..

      i have to go back and tell them they did a mistake

    3. erickLa


      i mean i haven't got mine yet.. but the driving permit says it expires next year on April...

    4. Calidreamer


      @erickLa that's normal, permits are for one year

  5. Finally got my Card today..Date Application Sent - Novemeber 4,2012 The Lockbox the application was sent to - Chicago lockbox Mailing Method (Express, priority, certified) etc. - certified Date acceptance letter of application received - November 8, 2012 Date Biometrics scheduled - December 5, 2012 Date Biometrics taken - December 5, 2012 Date Approved: February 14, 2013 Date of EAD received - February 25,2013

  6. Got my Employment Authorization Card today!

  7. I got approved yesterday. Thank you God!

  8. Received on November 8,2012: I-765 & I -821 D fingerprints taken on Dec, 5,2012 Thursday,January, 10,2013 - haven't heard from them Service Center Application was sent to: California
  9. Welcome to the forums erickLa :)